‘It’s wrong that I can’t feed myself’: Gulf War veteran on zero-hours contract can’t afford to eat for THREE DAYS

”Today, we have a welfare state, but we hear from Martin, 52, an engineer who was made redundant and was forced to apply for Universal Credit.

It is a new benefit with a cruel twist – you get nothing for the first six weeks.

He says: “I’ve been a qualified engineer for 37 years. Never signed on the dole, never been in debt. At the age of 52, I’ve struggled to get a new job.

“I applied for Universal Credit and was told I would have to wait for six to eight weeks for any money. Who can live on nothing for two months?”

GW: The engineer has paid tax for years to ensure that he gets help over a period of unemployment when he needs it and what do the TC Gov do? Cut him up! Yet they export .7 percent of GDP abroad and give untold help to those who have paid in NOTHING!

The Tories must enjoy watching others suffer or they’d put things right,
we could all find a way, as Corbyn would.
Even Bliar’s Labour would eradicate the need for foodbanks.

History will not be kind to these Tories (unless they get Google to re-write it)
To think we probably have 5-10 more yrs of this, before its so bad the public will say no more.  When the recession comes, it can’t be avoided, it’s the end of all business cycles, people are going to see hardship for many more millions not seen in the UK for many decades.

While May and her cronies do a runner with their ill-gotten gains.
Nearly 100bn given away in Tory aid yet they tell us we have no money.

The world and what UK now is seems worse for many than a bad horror movie with far worse to come if they get their way in June.

They told us things were getting better, yet foodbanks still on the rise and schools in the Easter holidays had to open or the kids would also starve.

Never mind Brexit vote the Tories out, or one day you or a loved one may also starve.  Can someone from this government come forward and explain how someone from another country can hide in a lorry then when found are taken to a police station or an immigration centre or social services, who then give them food and a warm bed and sanctuary until they are given a house. That starving ex service man and homeless hungry people born here can’t just turn up at their local cop shop and say feed me please or ring social services. it’s just all beyond wrong. it should be illegal to have zero hour contracts, it’s slave labour. truthfully this country is still in the Dickensian era. workhouses next step. The tories and luvvies have no morals and no shame at all.  Never mind BREXIT?  Now that’s a tough one but agree ToriCons MUST go.

We send these people over to war and when they come home this is the thanks they get .. old and new .. and we have Islamic militants claiming benefits and bleeding our country dry living in houses paid by our tax payers .. whilst these heroes are hungry and homeless ?? Sorry I really struggle with this one

soldiers, wether u support war or not are from your country, therefore your fellow citizens. They didn’t choose the location they got sent to, and fought in the name of your country, like it or not. Feeding them is the least one state can do afterwards…

There was another article about a nurse working in the NHS that has to use foodbanks at the end of each month to survive. Hard to fathom how MPs can keep giving themselves pay rises above inflation when the people paid to save their lives can’t even afford to feed themselves.

Bradbury Pound – Printed by The Treasury and backed by the nation’s wealth.

The Tories must love the food banks because they are helping people by giving them food while the government claws money back from people who are having to go to them to survive. What would happen if these places didn’t exist, what would people do, would there be riots and an increase in crime? The sixth richest country in the world giving money in foreign aid that they have taken from people in this country that are struggling due to the government’s austerity measures. What would happen if the Tories weren’t the caring party Cameron said they were?

Weren’t we told that a Tory Organisation is behind the Food Bank idea? What did Mr Bezmenov say about the subversion of society process? – replace proper institutions with quasi 3rd way organisations?

Why is no-one talking about the Bradbury Pound which is debt free currency?  

BRING BACK the Bradbury Pound – interest-free – backed by Public Credit – issued by The Treasury rather than Banks


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