RIP Off – Death Tax Back On The Agenda As Former Cameron Advisor Baroness Cavendish Turns Heads With SHOCKING Policy Suggestion

Lady Cavendish, pictured with the former prime minister, was given a peerage in Mr Cameron’s resignation honours and confirmed she may occasionally sit as an independent crossbench peer, for which she would be paid £300 per attendance 

‘Such shock proposals were laughed off by the Conservatives in 2009 when a similar idea was suggested by the Labour party.

But, in an apparent U-turn of thought, Baroness Cavendish told Newsnight: “We need a death tax to fund social care.

so the people who have worked all their lives get screwed again while immigrants and scroungers will be looked after for free

Silent Bystander
Evil toad. Be careful what you wish for. Face up and admit to the real reasons for the drain on the free NHS resources. Stop blaming a handful of elderly citizens who have paid taxes all their lives to support the new wave of life-long, ever breeding, parasitic welfare recipients created by Blair and continued under Cameron.

The NHS is crippled by over 1 million+ immigrants, health tourism and government cut backs. re-direct Foreign Aid to the UK, after all it is our money.

What next? Old people have ALREADY paid for their care – National Insurance it’s called!! They have their pensions taken from them and their homes seized and sold to ‘cover’ their ‘care’ in ‘retirement homes’ some of which are worse than Victorian workhouses. And all the time the immigrants are flooding in, taking all that’s going and doing nothing for it. The sooner our borders are closed, the better. And once that’s done we should start emptying out the prisons by deporting all immigrants currently over-crowding them.

It´s incredible to think that these treasonous scumbags genuinely believe that a man owes a debt upon death, it is just wholly untrue! Nobody owes a bean, if they try to ¨tax¨ you on what you receive after a relative dies, ask them to send you a signed bill of what they say you owe and file a claim against them for falsely claiming you owe a debt! They will be liable to pay YOU what they claim you owe!

How the shabby tale of Dave’s ‘Baroness’ reveals what’s wrong with our political elite, writes QUENTIN LETTS

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