What BBC won’t tell you about Brexit: Decline of Britain since 1973 EEC Tony Gosling. Why leave EU?

Peter Borenius

Published on Feb 28, 2016
So much for the propaganda – now here’s ONE fact – one HAS to laugh – lol
Scots prefer post-Brexit UK to independence, poll finds
The poll’s findings suggest that most Scots do not want another referendum on independence despite the EU vote

Latest Brexit news

Bilderberg exposed in Dresden 6. Anglo-American Tyranny to divide Germany and Russia, Manfred Petritsch: Alles Schall und Rauch

What the BBC won’t tell you about #Brexit II
Documentary evidence the EEC and EU was designed in 1942 in Berlin by the Nazis

German Panzer Banks Crush Greece, Washington Winces

Lobbying: the Dark Force’ behind the Brussels machinery
Best documentary by far on who REALLY runs the EU
The Brussels Business
(Link Gone Scrub Scrub Here’s another copy)

Here’s the next session of Pippa’s show (audio only)
http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/pr… (Link gone Scrub Scrub)

Decline of Britain since 1973
EEC & EU as ‘soft-fascist’ German cartel
Tony Gosling, Pippa Jones
Talk Radio Europe – 26Feb16
No single market

We are meant to be operating under the bloc’s Single Market mechanism as an EU member.  The EU describes it as “one territory without any internal borders or other regulatory obstacles to the free movement of goods and services.” It’s basically meant to stimulate competition and trade, improve efficiency, and helps cut prices.

We are meant to operate as one. Basically, it only works if all countries are identical and work as a hive, like the Borg in Star Trek. That sounds like a Utopian ideal, and it has not worked at all.

At the beginning of September, my colleague Oscar Williams-Grut pointed out that the so-called Single Market has a massive problem – Germany.

German manufacturing is a booming behemoth, while almost every other nation bar Greece is at some sort of low. Britain’s manufacturing sector is not the same as it was back in 1950s, and we now depend a lot on imports and exports (I will come to this later).

Greece’s rebalancing towards exports has been achieved simply by imports collapsing. All you need to do is take one look at that country and realise there is nothing about that nation that is rebounding at the moment.

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