Social Watchdog Says Freedom of Information Act In the UK is being side stepped by TPTWTB

Social Watchdog Mr Allan Dransfield has been bringing news of multiple denials of FOI Requests by the Information Commissioner to prevent action being taken over various projects that are not in the interests of the community by local people.  Tptwtb are fed up with people such as Mr Dransfield asking them awkward questions via the FOI Act about various fraud schemes they are running around various ”construction” projects and about other things being perpetrated against locals in communities.  In addition management of these companies are not being held to account for fatal incidents involving people working on their sites.  Etc Etc Etc

More from Mr Dransfield @ Abel Danger.  eg. Worcester City Council stole a child from a caring Mum but at last retribution seems to be on the way.

George The Greek Trucker

The Information Commissioner by Social Activist Allan Dransfield

Also on Freedom Talk Radio Scotland 3 weeks ago.

Dransfield – that vexatious old fart – is also asking questions about credit card fraud & about  ICO officers going away overseas on ”business” and being paid out ”expenses” without handing over any receipts.  OOPS.  He just wants to know what our tax pounds are being spent on and if it is legit.  Oh Dear.  We all have our suspicions.  Go get them Mr Dransfield. 

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