”Les Français n’aiment pas les macaronis” dit Axelle Lemaire

Macron is leading a double-life and lying to the French people. His marriage is a sham; he was reportedly in a long term relationship with Mattheu Gallet, CEO of Radio France; both of them were ‘mentored’ by the ‘out and proud’ Frederic Mitterand ex Culture Minister. Macron’s marriage is a sham and also provides him with the millions he needs for his campaigns thanks to his wife’s wealthy chocolate business. Quelle hypocrisy.

Marine le Pen has got europe really rattled. They have broken their own golden rule, Not to interfere in member countries elections. Lo and behold german ministers and eu unelected officials have issued a statement to the french electorate. Vote for Macron and Not Le Pen.

Well i have a message for the french voters. This is proving what Ms. Le Pen has been saying. These loonies are depriving you of your nationality. Stand up to these dictators and vote for your country and not for the EU. I am not french but would supprt Marine Le Pen against these idiots in brussels and germany.

Am I alone in thinking that there is something a little bit weird in a man marrying his former teacher, who is 25 years older than himself? I know love is blind and they may well be soul-mates but she was already married before they met and she divorced her then husband to marry him. Macron allegedly ‘proposed’ (or at least said he was going to marry her) when he was only 15. I know they are French and do things differently, especially when it concerns affairs of the heart, but still…It is as though he married his mother Now, if he wins (most likely result), this man will have his finger on the button to fire France’s nukes.

Where did Macron go to celebrate on Sunday night after results were announced well I will tell you, Mr Macron spent the evening at the chic and expensive La Rotonde restaurant with a gaggle of his wealthy friends and supporters, a real man of the people is our little Manny. Where did Marine Le Pen celebrate her result, she went on a meet the people walkabout in the small northern town of Rouvroy. Speaks volumes doesn’t folks. The French have a choice between an ex-Rothschilds banker backed by big money and eurocrats, a true champagne ‘socialist’ if ever there was one or a truly patriotic french woman, albeit fairly well heeled but fighting for the causes every french man or woman should hold close to their hearts, their jobs, their culture, their future and their country.

Marine Le Pen ain’t finished yet, give no quarter Marine, pull no punches and let that sniveling steaming little hunk of mother love have it on his well sculptured nose!


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One Response to ”Les Français n’aiment pas les macaronis” dit Axelle Lemaire

  1. There were of the order of 16 Million False Ghost Votes added in favour of M Macron
    The Voting Count Model was Corrupted to Fail to Disclose several of the PRIMARY Vote Categories which are needed for the Election to be Compliant with Electoral Law
    This was Exactly as the UK 2015 General Election where the Electoral Commission did Corrupt its Own Voting Count Model
    For Factual Proof of the Latter Applied I F Limited Invites all interested to look at
    FRENCH Results to be Posted shortly
    This is an Ongoing Forensic Investigation Disclosure is in the Interests of Justice and of Democracy
    The Sleaze Expo Blog is NOT a Political Blog
    Geoffrey Stansfield
    File Note
    14 May 13.40

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