“Give me the truth on my son’s death”: Dad blasts Tory ‘bullying cover-up’ after son’s suicide

ToriCon”Bully Bus” @ Corsham School Chippenham in 2015 General Election.


Theresa May isn’t doing a repeat of the Cameron strategy then – trying to fill a barn for an election photoshoot.  Rather she has gone into hiding again – just like during the Referendum – or maybe she is like Nosferatu and can only cruise about at night.

Voice of the Mirror: Scared Theresa May is on the run and hiding from the public

”While Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was happy to answer all questions in a probing TV interview, the Conservative couple vanished from the airwaves, Tory strategists clearly rattled by mistakes.”

”Threatening to cut the state pension in future, while grabbing more of voters’ cash by raising Income Tax, VAT or National Insurance – perhaps all three – showed May’s real face.”

”Too clever by half and not half as competent as she pretends, people are asking the questions the Tory Pimpernel doesn’t want to answer as she tries to keep her head down.  May chickened out of TV debates because of fear, knowing she has everything to lose.”


I cannot believe that Mrs May has said she will get rid of the triple lock for pensioners. Does she really think people will vote for that? She had a thumping majority in her sights and she just threw it away! In a way I am glad because I don’t like thumping majorities, they allow extreme policies and really nasty things to happen.

She’s scared because she has no defence. Corbyn reduces her to a gurning spiteful schoolgirl parroting the same lies, never answering a question every PMQs and because she throws out a spiteful jibe and he doesn’t respond in kind they call her bullying strength and his tenacity in ignoring it and continuing to hold her to account weakness. He’s untouchable. He can’t be flattered bullied or bribed.

She backed out because Jeremy Corbyn would make mincemeat of her, And she knows it.

The gutless tories for you, cluck cluck – show yourself ChickenMay

May is so far recycling the same sound bites, spin, and lies that Cameron used. Refusing to rule out tax rises yet calls Labour the party of higher taxes. Between 2010/15 the Tories raised taxes, including VAT, 24 times.

This June let’s see the end of May.

yeah she got lynton crosby to do it again using the same stuff

Theresa May is warned ‘Get off my lawn’ – while Labour fires up the grassroots

GW: Yes Corbs is extremely comfortable amongst ordinary people whereas Theresa May doesn’t seem to have the same warmth.  She only feels safe behind the despatch box. The ToriCons have a cruel track record already which would be hard to answer for when out and about in the electorate while behind the scenes her controllers are telling her it has to be more of the same in 2017 – > ”Tax the workers to death & sell the remaining UK infrastructure to feed the rich.”  No wonder she doesn’t make very many public appearances.

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