Downing Street in chaos as Theresa May’s top spin doctors walk out before the election

Source: Eoin Clarke Labour Party

Taz Wedding Photographer
How many people are old enough to leader the rise of Theresa May as a powerful dissenter amongst Tory ranks some dozen years ago? She was the one who called it a nasty party, lapped up the media intrigue about her red leather jacket and fancy shoes and almost giving the impression that she was a compassionate Tory. Her voting record had never betrayed such allusions though and as soon as she was chosen as the Home Secretary, the real nasty face of hardline policies and a harsh, barbaric personality exploded. It takes a nasty person to be amongst other nasties? I do hope that the Tories are defeated and the policy of cutbacks, election expense scandals and the general rightwing air is kicked out once and for all.

Stephen Kelly
I think Theresa Mayhem has made the biggest mistake of her life. Her ego and her duplicitous nature got the better of her. And I think she and her cronies will pay the price. She hasn’t got off to a good start. Tues – she refuses a public debate; Wed she bans taking questions at a stage managed Tory meeting; Thurs she bans the media including her own side ie the Daily Telegraph; Fri she bans workers asking her questions at a factory.

I thought we were told she was popular and confident of winning which is why she called the election the first place.

Reality – she isn’t popular.

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