April 2017: Champs Elysees False Flag


Anonymous @ AAG: 21 April 2017


GW:  Hmmm remarkable that this guy was also reported to be ”connected” to Bataclan. 

Et voici immédiatement nous voyons la Norme du Soir, le rapport!  Incroyable – est-ce que Goeorge Osborne l’a écrit lui-même? 

Xavier Jugelé, policeman shot dead in Paris terror attack, attended Bataclan memorial concert


Let’s take a bit of a look at this through the prism of Gematria @ The Open Scroll.

They say: ”Wikileaks and Pizzagate (John Podesta / Comet Ping Pong and James Alefantis / Spirit Cooking and Marina Abramovic) exposed the public to some of the secret language of the elite. They use common words and pedophile symbols. They also use numbers as symbols, and words and letters are interpreted as numbers. Occult Codes are almost everywhere, in the names of companies, of people, both real and fictional, in song and movie titles, slogans, and so on. It’s far more common than you might think!”

”Alleged attacker Karim Cheurfi 39, aka Abu Yusuf al-Baljiki was shot dead by police.” http://www.theopenscroll.com/GematriaCalculatorEnglishOccult.htm

So once again lone gunman gets neatly ”shot dead.”  That way he can’t tell any tales out of SpySkool can he.

English Gematria. MUST SEE! easy vid. 666 Shocking conclusion

Tiger Dan 925

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