Brussels bureaucrat Juncker says French election is ‘not a crisis’ for EU – even if Le Pen WINS

shanghai blues
No it won’t be a crises if Le Pen wins it will be a catastrophe for the EU. Go and have another drink then sleep it off

Mr Drunckard” expressed his love for elections because they’re a normal part of democracy”  Tee Hee.

Ah yes, that great bastion of democracy, the EUSSR – A body of dictators whose idea of democracy is to FORCE other member states, under threat of court action and swingeing fines, to comply with their diktats even when the citizens of those countries are vehemently against them and where compliance will 100% inflict a change to their way of life, their safety and their culture, just like it’s already done in Germany and Sweden.

The EU doesn’t DO democracy!

Drunckard initially boasted that Brexit didn’t worry him one iota, yet months later he was expressing doom and gloom about the EUs future. And here he is again breezily shrugging off a Le Pen victory, claiming it won’t make any difference to the EU. Earth to Drunckard….hello?

Brussels boss Juncker says French election is ‘not a crisis’ for EU – even if Le Pen WINS>>>>>Every time this Juncker, opens his mouth he makes a total ass of himself. If Le Pen wins she has stated quite categorically that she will close France’s borders. With Brexit forthcoming and France no longer in the hands of Hollande, Merkel’s French poodle, life could be very difficult for the EU mob, especially if Le Pen has a Frexit vote and wins it, more than likely.

GW: What is it with these Brussels BureauPrats????

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