UK Election — Distraction from Britain’s Pedogate?


”If you put Melanie Shaw in front of the camera she would explain it all to you, but she is in solitary confinement on government administered drugs and is unable to help you.

When Prime Minister May was Home Secretary, Melanie Shaw stepped forward as a woman who had been abused by Westminster paedophile politicians. She told it all. How thousands of children, (she was one), are stolen by State employees from their parents, to be sexually abused and then often murdered for politician’s sexual gratification.

Home Secretary May as the Prime Minister was then, hushed it all up and had Ms Shaw imprisoned after a secret trial. As far as Prime Minister May is concerned Melanie Shaw does not exist, and officially there are no paedophile members of her parliament, despite historical evidence to the contrary both in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Ex-Prime Minister Heath, now deceased, another Conservative, just like May, is currently under investigation by Wiltshire police for paedophilia. Their chief Constable, Mike Veale, has been put under so much pressure by the government and its members in the House of Lords to discontinue his investigation, that he has been forced to issue a statement, recorded on video, stating his purpose and that he will not be influenced by outside forces who are daily making his life difficult.”

Thanks to Comment @ AAG for the link.

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