ToriCon Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green who represents Ashford in Kent claimed on Daily Politics that the snap election was called because it was in the “interests” of the Tory party.

Green is my remoaner MP, where his constituency voted 60% to leave which he had better remember. He has served 5 terms and will be drawing his massive pension, meanwhile his constituency is full of unemployed immigrants and the town a dump

UK Column News – 18th April 2017: A Very British Dictatorship

”e.g. West Suffolk all 7 regions voted €U Out! Tory MP Matthew Handcock campaigned to Remain. UKIP have no substantial representatives, nor leadership, but what other choice do I have? Corbyn’s a decent chap non war monger, but shadowed by LGBT political correctness gone mad and panders to the ever tedious anti-Semite lobby which is in effect international cultural Marxism. Lib-Dem Tim Farron is an odious joke.

The UK promotes freedom and democracy by interfering into foreign nation states and lies about Syria. Plus there’s incarcerating whistle blowers like Melanie Shaw who gets raped as a child and put imprison for talking about it.”

Well said TAP.

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