More Mystery Swirls Around Obama

Doesn’t Obama look proud to be sitting in public with his real mother? Doesn’t she look pleased, as well?

Pic of Obama with his real mother, Jo Ann Newman at last year’s NCAA playoffs between Syracuse and Marquette. [Picture – Reuters / Yuri Gripas] – Note:

Apparently nothing O’Bummer says is true.

The following article is based upon the assumption that Martha Trowbridge’s ongoing investigative research is spot-on and will publish more evidence – documentary evidence, to be specific. Hard copy historical records (eyewitness testimony, included) that add to her contentious claim of aka Obama’s Nazi maternal grandparents, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

Does anything (anymore) surprise you, about our criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama? The following information (though) is a stunner! Access it without preconceived notions or propaganda stereotypes.

Think outside the political correctness and mainstream media box!

Ever wonder why Obama utters the word “folks” in his communications? He is paying homage to his Nazi Grandfather, Adolph Hitler. Read Researcher Trowbridge and learn the latest.

Obama’s Nazi Heart: Grandpa Adolf Hitler, Mom, And The Stealth Rebirth Of The Third Reich – terribletruth.wordpress

”It all circles back to New York City, where a teenage white girl fell head over heels in love with a married black man twice her age, and bore him a son in October 1959. [See “Stan The Sham, And True Love”.]

A son they named Bâri’ M. Shabazz, [see “Bâri’, Barry, Barack”] in honor of his father Malcolm X Shabazz’s Moslem name.  A son, since the 1980’s, who’s been known to the world as “Barack Hussein Obama II”.”

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