Dennis Skinner demanded Theresa May ban any Tory MP, currently under investigation over election spending, from standing in the election, due to take place in June.

Now’t new here; I know as a victim who still suffers huge financial and property losses as a result of fraudulently concealed “Theft of Property and Frauds” (just one of many many former British Steel Employees whom suffered similarly in huge 10’s of Millions £’s Theft of Property Scams) which due to being fraudulently concealed I informed Theresa May in 2012 about; hoping to get an Investigation into the fraudulently concealed “Indictable Crime” s when she was Home Secretary !!

The robbed and plundered Scunthorpe Steelworkers got NO investigation or help whatsoever from Theresa May or the Conservative government to “Open Up” “This Big Stinking CAN of Worms”;.. instead this serious crime remains “Swept under the Carpet” by the Conservatives Government and Police, to this very day; therefore for such alleged misfeasance or malfeasance in Public Office there has in my opinion, allegedly been complicity and duplicity by Theresa May and Conservative Government in helping conceal and suppress this huge “Theft of Property and Fraud”!!... surely??

Therefore in my opinion I side with Dennis Skinner; he has a right to open his mouth when alleged cloaked “Dishonest Dealings” are being investigated, surely??

Skinner is right, given the amount of Tory MP’s now under police investigation then it must have been a deliberate Tory policy to commit elect fraud and spend more than legally allowed on campaigning – perhaps that is the reason why she has called this election as a number of them may be disbarred from this parliamentary sitting otherwise and she would lose her majority. Either way, I used to think Dodgy Dave looked shifty answering questions but May is in a different league – no wonder she wants to duck out of TV debates!

GW:  Well done Mr Skinner.

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