The cancellation of Boris Johnson’s trip to Moscow puts Britain in its place in the world

Brexit Isn’t Working
BoJo the balding clown judging by that photo


Your ruling elite is churned up from the severely limited pool of inept aristocracy. Such a backward system of producing leadership isn’t taken seriously anywhere in the world and for that reason the world sees Britain as a prost!tute running from one p!mp to another because that what your archaic selection is suited for. It has always been like that perfidious, spineless traitors. Elected or not.

As a Brit I’d like to agree and say that I have been embarrassed by the politicians that represent me and my country for the whole of my long life.

The reality is that Johnson has little credibility on the international stage among “friends” and foes alike. He is so incompetent that even his protectors in the Tory Party have to make an impassioned plea to the media and political classes to stop ridiculing him. What these minders forget is that Boris Johnson is more than capable of ridiculing himself – maybe they will need to put one of those masks on him like Hannibal Lechter to enhance his credible status?

Little Glimmer
Yes indeed a very clear sign of the UK’s just-above-zero influence when the awful, befuddled, reclusive Tillerson keeps the UK Foreign Secretary away from world events.

Saudi running dog

Given that on the day after Mayday received her orders from the House of Saud – the Yanks launch a strike on a Syrian airbase
I think we can work out which scum are behind the whole campaign against Assad can’t we?

He is a lap chicken.

Never shuts up and annoys the neighbours. Eats all your crops and flowers if he escapes the pen. Poohs all over the place. Legs it at the first sign of trouble.

Flaps his wings but cannot really fly.

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