‘Where are my contributions?!’ Pensioner TAKES DOWN Government over £42,000 shortfall

June Slater Facebook

June maintains that – Cameron quietly paid an EUSSR Fine of 1.7 Billion for illegal money made out of drugs & prostitution while publicly stating ”not on my watch” in December 2015 when the electorate was busy with Christmas celebrations so they wouldn’t notice. Tory Slime ball.

British Pensioner June Slater said MPs should be “ashamed of themselves” after £42,000 was cut from her pension thanks to European Union (EU) equality laws.

In a jaw-dropping video, Mrs Slater skewered the country’s leaders, claiming they need a “reality check”.

More than 130,000 people have watched Mrs Slater take aim at former Conservative prime minister David Cameron and ex-chancellor George Osborne.

And she demanded to know why she has been forced to take a cut when foreign aid is rising.

In the Facebook post, June demolished MPs who gave themselves a 10 per cent pay rise while NHS workers got just one per cent.

In 2017, all 650 MPs will take home an annual basic salary of £74,962, while they are also entitled to as much as 37.5 per cent of final salary as a pension.

Mrs Slater fumed: “This is a question to the Government or any MPs that might have a pair to stand up to me!

UK taxpayers fund Pakistani radio, Indian stylists and Chinese bra makers in foreign aid

“I’d like to know why I have to take my £42,000 pension shortfall on the chin when I have to watch as you send £150m to India while they are making rockets.

“I have to watch you sending something like £300million to Pakistan and they’re making nukes!

Changes to the taxpayer funded pension were introduced in the United Kingdom in 1995 and updated by a variety of governments over the years.

In 2007, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown raised the pension age for women to 65 by 2020 which led to the massive cuts for 2.6 million.

They also increased the equal state pension age from 66 to 68, to be brought in between 2024 and 2046.

In 2011 the timetable was sped up by Cameron which meant state pension ages would be equal at 65 by 2018, and rise to 66 for everyone by 2020.

The new changes currently affect around five million people born between 1953 and 1960 in Great Britain accounting for as much as £42,000 each.

This is despite the fact that many millions of these people worked and paid into the system from the age of just 16.

Last year more than £1.3billion in Foreign Aid money was unaccounted for sparking anger but as yet no real response from the Government.

Now June is taking all MPs to task especially after they voted to “ring fence” their own pension.


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