UK Column News 18th April 2017 Warning! Dictatorship Is Here.

  • T May has ditched ”the pearls” and softened her hairstyle
  • Communitarianism is on the way in
  • Why is the Labour Party going along with it?
  • The MPs are not doing their jobs
  • Can they get a ”working majority” or will they cause Mayhem to obtain a ”working party” as in Holland?
  • Another Referendum then – Will we get real Agenda stuff debated now?  No.
  • Melanie Shaw still in solitary confinement pu there by Theresa May – because she knows too much about the misbehaviour of Tori Politicians.
  • Yet another attempted child stealing incident in Devon & Cornwall.
  • London’s new police chief Cressida Dick led botched operation that killed Jean Charles de Menezes.  Her/His style is shooting people in the head 7 times.  Digital Policing is the new way of doing things He/She said.  Dick wants to predict crime and says the Data Protection Act is the bain of her life.
  • What happened to upholding the law and catching criminals that rob and steal and kill people?
  • Decisions are being taken in shadow!!!!!!!!
  • Tony Bliar War Criminal – waging an aggressive war is not a crime according to Jeremy Wright.

George The Greek Trucker

Argentarii Homini
I knew they would never allow the Brexit – it’s a dictatorship and they don’t give a dam about the people. Next time they’ll rig the result or they’ll stage a false flag terrorist stack that “can only be prevented” if we stay in the EU.

mick burke (edited)
TM can whip my arse anytime.

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