Muslim Women Sure Do Get Around

Peeky Truth

Published on Apr 14, 2017
Amazing how Muslim Women seem to get around. From London to Stockholm.…

Flat Earth
These hoaxes are “multipurpose”, mixing in the LGBTQ agenda, mixing in the “hate the muslim” agenda, mixing in……, mixing in……. “DJ liar” is mixing all the lies together on his album “never let a good hoax/false flag go to waste”

man0z Saw a report where a nurse or something was saying they were bringing the “injured” blankets from the hospital. Whaaa? Not bringing them TO the hospital, but bringing them blankets FROM the hospital.

VancouverCanucksRock (edited)
Also, the Van that is parked in front of the Dirt, has License Plate: CAK=6+ 6+1+9=22. 2×11. The only Death, was that of an 11 year old girl, by the way!! There’s another 11 for you! 22=XXII in Roman Numerals, in Numerology, that equals 30/3, and 12/3. Yes, yes, just a coincidence, of course LOL

Gregg McKenzie
DIGI24 HD – Romanian source, bad photoshop, click bait, phake news website & YouTube channel with way fewer subs than Peekay Truth! That Nicole Gross photoshop nonsense the other week also came from Romania – what’s going on in Romania?

Stan Vault
How about the woman blowing her nose standing directly on top of the “victim”? Laughable.

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