MAY DAY Theresa May calls snap General Election for June 8 in shock Downing Street announcement

Wingrove1 @ The Independent
The Tories are deliberately hurting vulnerable people in this country in order to prop up the rich section of our populace. Let’s vote them out and get a government that actually puts normal people first instead of their own twisted, Victorian ideology.

Well… She’s a liar then. Congrats May.

The Great Escape @ Daily Express
June General Election ! – The Liberal Dictators Party Rest In Pieces ! Clegg the Clown and Dim Tim Farron Will Have To Join the Dole Queue !

Norfolkbumpkin @ Daily Express
Now this will be interesting. Much as the PM says otherwise, this will be a vote on Brexit. They say it was a close vote – well, I wonder how many people were frightened by Project Fear and now have seen and can see that it was a load of nonsense.
I wonder how many of those people have now changed their minds. The Liberals (I am loathe to call them Democrats – because they don’t believe in democracy) reckon that they will get loads of votes from Remainers. Can you see anyone in their right minds voting for Dim Tim?

Bobbles @ Daily Express
This general election is like a dream come true for the E.U. controlled Bilderbergers. They can now rig it in their favour ,and this time they will make sure it does go in their favour by having a majority and the ballot boxes checked to see if the tic is in the right box . l have said this all the time. While the criminals remain in power, they will make sure it suits their agenda. We are still being conned

So what happened in South Thanet then? Did the Tories get stung for dodgy electoral practices? Didn’t mention that while I made you laugh did you Ken?

Good, Lib, Lab, Con, Greens, Scot and Welsh Nats, have ruined Britain for years, due to their anti-British policies.  Where’s a good BRITISH PARTY?

Don’t use postal votes and take a black biro to polling station, and vote conservative even if you wouldn’t normally so we get out of the EU then next election vote who you want, we really must get out of the Corrupt EU.

What about the Lib Dems? They are already promising a ‘soft Brexit’. This is disaster for anyone who wanted Brexit. ‘Soft Brexit’ means no Brexit.

The gauntlet has been cast, time now for the ‘Remoaners’ to put up, or shut up!

If the dissent is as bad as the ‘Remoaners’ say it is, they will carry the day at the Ballot Box,!

But the sheer venom/spite/nastiness displayed by the EU and those with cushy billets to lose when we leave has been exposed for all to see, may well hold sway over the outcome!

Thank goodness this woman actually DOES mean business!

Well done Mrs May – the rabble in Westminster need to be forced to GET BEHIND THE COUNTRY.

Now it is up to all of us to ensure that the assorted traitors, troublemakers and generally anti-British malcontents are SILENCED and MADE TO BOW TO THE WILL OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE ONCE AND FOR ALL.

It will be a nasty election, as feelings are running high, but NOW WE HAVE TO ENSURE WE ARE NOT DRAWN BACK INTO THE MORIBUND EMBRACE OF THE EU.




GW:  This calls for careful clear heads folks.  Some of us will need to volunteer to watch the counting process and record our vote etc just like during the Referendum.  Something’s definitely up.  Expect some Soros funded shenanigans perhaps.

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