Hospital recruits refugees to combat doctor shortage: Pioneering scheme pays for 11 medics from Syria and Iraq to take exams needed to work for the NHS

The North Tees & Hartlepool Trust struggling to recruit British doctors has turned to refugees from Iraq and Syria to help combat staff shortages.

The trust, covering Middlesbrough and Hartlepool, says it has an acute problem in holding on to British-trained doctors.”

”The cost, which is being met by Health Education England, is estimated to be under £3,000 per doctor.

This is far less than the £163,000 bill to train a British doctor. But local politicians last night said the move was a publicity stunt that papers over failures to properly tackle the NHS staffing crisis.”

Listener123, London, United Kingdom
Only last week: A grade British students denied the opportunity to study medicine. Meanwhile, back at the front line, population replacement continues apace!

Maurice Oxford, Wantage, United Kingdom
What a great idea, because Syria and Iraq have no need of these people, do they? Sigh.

EnglandandStGeorge, Derby
The NHS and its unions along with the Lefty Labour and Liberals never seem to admit that the biggest problem is not doctor and medical staff shortages but the huge sudden increase in population caused by B-Lier’s open door policy

cesabo123, Nottingham, United Kingdom
I had so many friends who applied to do Medicine at Universities, with grades AAA and above, and as much work experience as a 17 year old could squeeze in. Most were rejected despite near perfect entry scores and meeting required criteria. It’s not as though there isn’t a shortage of thousands of willing young people seeking to go into medicine or nursing, they’re not being accepted onto the course as UK home students at UK Universities!

herewego1234, Home, United Kingdom
A good level of English isnt the same as understanding the English technical medical terms. Different kettle of fish. They maybe OK to get by doing a regular job but something with that level of command in language needs at the very least proper English language qualification. This is in sone cases life and death situations.
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