Closet Tory Gerard Coyne Said That Len McCluskey has ‘lost the plot’

Gerard Coyne, Unite Midlands regional secretary, did not vote for Corbyn in Labour’s leadership battle CREDIT: RICHARD VERNALLS/PA

Labour regional/national administration are all Blaire.  All the Bliarites must go!

Ben Da 10 Apr 2017
They’ve both lost the plot. Both Len and Gerard Coyne backed Britain remaining in the EU. The whole Labour Party has lost the plot. The Lib Dems are nothing but an Anti-Brexit Pro-EU party whose only purpose is to gain votes on back of Brexit, Lib Dems purpose is to prevent Brexit and frustrate process! UKIP are a mess, Tories are back sliding and Unions are only interested in money rather than workers rights that sums up UK!

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