Video of troubled, impaired-looking Donald Trump speaking in April 2017

Brabantian @ AAG 15 April 2017
In Donald Trump’s new Passover – Easter presidential address video, Trump seems zombie-like, perhaps drugged, or as if under threat or mind-controlled

He seems medically as well as mentally troubled, one eye almost closed, face a little odd; plus reading from the teleprompter a bit robotically or as if a hostage

And certainly unhappy, as if either ravaged by conscience, or very sad to know he has lost so much popularity amongst those who hoped in him

Near the beginning at 0:07 Trump seems to Freudian slip or signal, sounding as if he says “… Jewish families *accurse* our country….”

Video of troubled, impaired-looking Donald Trump speaking in April 2017, 3min30 –

Anonymous @ AAG 16 April 2017
Yes. I agree, something wrong there with the Trump on that vt. Also, his delivery is too fast (for him), as though he’s being rushed, this is not his usual style at all. Right eye seemed to swivel too. He always uses hand gestures in his speeches, but there are no shoulder movements that I could see. Very odd indeed.

He already has, gone back on all his biggest promises like NATO (getting out cause they take our money), Yellen (they devalue our currency), China (they abuse us on trade), Saudi Arabia (They are the LARGEST sponsors of Sunni wahhabist terrorism), Attacking Syria (for Greater Israel) etc..

Thanks to AanGirfan for the link.

GW:  Feeling ”the heat a bit” like Theresa is?

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