My Watford News April 2017 – Farm Terrace Allotments Demolition Goes Into Full Swing – How Very Sad

The former chairman of Farm Terrace Action Group said the memory of the plots will be kept alive even though demolition work has begun.

Andy Moore, of the Farm Terrace Community Association, spoke to WATFORDnews after work started on clearing the site last month.

In October 2017, a judge at London’s High Court (who probably received a telephone call from ToriCon Minister for Communities & Local Gov Sajid Javid) ruled that plot holders at the historic site, which dated back to 1890, had to vacate the site so it could be used for Watford Borough Council’s Wealth Campus Scheme – now in such disarray that it has been renamed RiverWell Housing Estate.

Andy said a small number of plot holders from Farm Terrace have been relocated to Holywell & Brightwell.  Five of us have moved into a block at Holywell which we will call Farm Terrace.

He said ”We’ll order a flagged fly it from the shed.  We have our own small community left over on these plots so we will be keeping the memory of Farm Terrace alive.  We are only custodians of the allotment and it’s a shame they won’t be kept for future generations.”

Watford Borough Council has not responded to questions.

WATCH: Demolition of Farm Terrace allotments to make way for regeneration

project Demolition_of_Farm_Terrace_allotments_to_make_way_for_regeneration_project/

Farm Terrace Allotments 2017 – Soon To Be 66 Executive Homes & A Car Park

John Smith
Published on Mar 24, 2017

#UKMum @ Watford Observer: Sat 25 Mar 17
The allotments were a community asset held ”in trust” by Fiberal Lemmingprat WBC on behalf of the community of Watford. However the word ”trust” is stunningly inappropriate with regard to Fiberal Lemmingprat behaviour.

Why not embed the concrete of the car park with a giant ”Dinosaur Dorothy” graphic coloured in green!

I cannot even watch the footage I’m afraid. As far as I’m concerned the digger drivers, developers and WBC are a bunch of vandals let loose on a nature reserve by that ToriCon Dept for Comm & LocalGov oik Sajid Javid and that fat Tory oaf before him Eric Pickles and that simpering ToriCon MP Rich ”Housing Dev” Harrington who is holding hands with Dinosaur Dorothy behind the school bike sheds!

Hertsborn71 Replying #UKMum Sun 26 Mar 17
Most splendid!

Kathryn Robson WBC ”Road Progress” – Actually the Road to Nowhere as there is NO NEW HOSPITAL forthcoming –

24 March 2017

New hospital campaign: Have health chiefs already signed away Hertfordshire hospitals’ future?

Here you can see ”Dorothy” in her true form – a being that has dug up pretty much the whole of WATFORD in her relentless pursuit of turning clay & grassy meadows; duck ponds; quiet river walks; Farm Terrace – a rich loamed piece of land & food basket; an historic remnant of the once grand and expansive Cassiobury Estate; – all into concrete structures, paved paths, steel bird sculptures, roads, a theme park & conference centre – the list is endless folks.

Another example of Dorothy Thornhill’s Digging escapades – this time it’s what used to be Cassiobury Park now turned into some kind of wretched Theme Park!

Interesting piece from 2014 when the FibDems were more inclined to rampage in the comments section of Watford Observer. They no longer do this because their true vicious natures were exposed for all to see. Scan through the 176 comments and you will see them sniping away at those who battles to preserve some tiny space of green in West Watford.  The Farm Terrace Campaigners were absolutely right when they said there will be no hospital and just 700 living units. That has turned out to be exactly the case in 2017. In the BBC Interview featured here, Ms Thornhill thought she had it all ”sewn up” but unfortunately came across as so very arrogant that she swore never to do another one! The camera never lies it seems.

Farm Terrace Allotment holders bring campaign to BBC’s Inside Out London television programme bring_campaign_to_TV/

Dot Thornhill Is Moving On From Watford Soon – Here She Is Mispronouncing ”AsSalam-u-Alaikum” @ the Annual Convention of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK in 2016.

Dreadful speech – talking about Oak Trees growing from Acorns – Well what a turncoat – she has also said she would cut down an ancient oak tree to build her dream home! Maybe she should take some elocution lessons now she is in House of Lords. Link Here.

Like the typical psychopathic politician she will step out of the mess she has created here in Watford and simply move on to greener pastures.

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