Thousands of asylum seekers and migrants wrongly denied NHS healthcare

British values was built on fairness and all of us following rules for entitlements so that everyone who contributes gets a fair share of public services such as health care. Your version of values demand those that contribute to the general pot should pay for an ever-increasing number of “Undocumented Illegals” that you wish to have enter the country.

The problem with liberal oinks like you is you want to make yourself feel good, raise yourself up on a moral pedestal but have everyone else pay the cost !

So whilst we have great shortage in the health service not enough doctors bed blocking and all sorts of challenges why are people always wanting to give access to those who do not deserve and have not paid anything towards free health care in my opinion they should Have sh ould to produce their passports and a letter showing they have the right to treatment which should be verified before ANY service is given including sending out an ambulance we are far too soft a touch here we should grow up and realise we are not the worlds wallet to be robbed by cheating foreigners they should be deported the first time they try stealing services and excluded from ever returning let their own country pay for them we can’t afford this stupidity any longer England Wales and Northern Ireland for the British the Scots who want to leave we should cut off the Barnett formula for Scotland and let them sink in their own debt they have always been a drag on our e o o y a d that loud mouthed Sturgeon woman needs a sharp lesson

Undocumented migrants, this must be similar to “Undocumented Democrats” except they have no party affiliations.

Listen up people, when I moved to Spain in 2014 I was DENIED free health care for 4 years and had to pay for private health cover despite my paying in NI contributions for 42 years for the simple reason I didn’t have nor could I provide the correct paper work. Why should anyone let alone illegal immigrants be given free health care without the right paper work. Everywhere in the west you need the correct paper work to be able to use ‘benefits. That’s the way the system works and for the very good reason no single country can look after the worlds sick.

Minded of ”Poor Poor Pitiful Me” – Warren Zevon

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