Mr Selmayr told the Financial Times: “In London it’s like a bunker, it was a bunker in Cameron’s time and it is a bunker now – it’s even worse.

EUbanker-political super failure state
This German sausage has the same cold, dead eyes of his grandfather (who was a fully paid up N.aX.zi). Looks like junior is going full tilt for a German ruled Europe just like his grand daddy did. The sooner we leave this appalling, German run, EU dictatorship the better. Personally I don’t care for their threats, in fact they prove that the EU really is turning into a dictatorship. So let them get on with it, but NOT ruling our nation any longer. They will need all the luck they can get now that Erdogan has made himself into a dictator. So far the EU have caved into his blackmail, handing him billions to stop sending boat loads of migrants to Europe. So why isn’t the, ‘Monster’ attacking Erdogan for his constant blackmail, threats and insults to the EU? Looks to me like the, ‘Monster’ is just another over paid bureaucrat in a suit.

Nemo say Let the Battle commence
Here we go, just another day and another overpaid unknown yapping with rubbish talk , Mr Twit Selmayr ‘monster’ Drunckmans ‘Pit-bull’ in his sloshed head only, what has happened to your German mates pledge of “no talking and no negotiations until the phoney trumped-up ‘leaving bill’ is sorted”, is it because you have now received the massive bill you must pay the UK.

Another “expert” opinion from yet another unelected eurocrat living the good life at your expense. Not long to go before UK says goodbye, no deal, guess that means Tarrifs imposed both directions. The EU unemployment lines grow, the French farmers tilt yet again, and some countries go broke with the resulting riots etc, enjoy EU!

Emma Dorset
He doesn’t know what she’s thinking, and he doesn’t like it.
She isn’t kissing his behind because she doesn’t want part of the coudenhove-kalergi plan, and he doesn’t like it.
When insecure people don’t understand someone or get what they want, they throw insults.

No one possibly could be as poor as Cameron was during Brexit. His time has gone, he is now a nonentity. On the other hand, Mrs May is Cameron’s opposite, she is strong and resolute, capable of making great speeches and the EU is quite simply, running scared, as well it should be.

Farage would probably have jumped in with both feet, which might or might not have been a good move, on the other hand, Mrs May’s ‘softly, softly, catchy monkey’ stance has been tried to good effect, many times in the past.

“Bunker mentality” – that’s rich coming from one of Junker’s bitc**s.

1-Charge, sentence and jail every Greek prime and finance ministers since 1980 for presenting false gov accounts to EU
2-Look for EU peripheral states funds stolen by ministers and others, stashed around the World. Repatriate money, 50% to pay EU/IMF/ECB loans, 50% to Greek gov..
3-Charge Turkey for invasion and occupation of Cyprus. 1% fee on every payment from EU to Turkey. Split 50 % EU/IMF/ECB loans, 50% Cyprus gov.
4-Charge Turkey for invasion and occupation of Constantinople and Greece. 4% fee on every payment from EU to Turkey. Split 50 % EU/IMF/ECB loans, 50% Greece gov.
5-Charge Turkey for half of Bosporus Straights Fees. 50% – 50% split.

Nemo say Let the Battle commence
Spot on John, if Switzerland banks were able to be scrutinized it would be surprising how many on the top German controlled EU+eu army table now and from the past would have accounts with huge amounts stashed in them, then follow those accounts to offshore places like Cayman Islands and others.

Never worry about someone who bathes in the publicity of being known as a monster.,. Hitler was a monster, the Krays were monsters. This man is a simple twit who thinks he is a monster.

In plain language he means she can’t be manipulated by them the same way they manipulated Cameron

The EU is socially, philosophically, morally and economically bankrupt and we’ve made the decision to abandon ship – I wonder which politician holds the upper hand! Mrs May is not a bit like David Cameron, she has conviction, character and above all good judgement. Cameron had none of these traits.

The EU will not punish Germany for its 9% GDP trade excess, 50% greater than permitted, which means the EU is a ‘pseudo’ German trading state. We’re best out of it. Everything is set up for German prosperity, at the expense of the other 27 nations. This is why they don’t like the fact that we’ve seen through the ‘PLOT’. Thank goodness for BREXIT.

In the circumstances Theresa May is doing the best job she can do at the moment. David Cameron ran away, too many EU people keep giving their views, but no one seems to be doing any talking. No one has given a detailed statement on what the £50b/£60b is for. Just get on with the negations, so we can get on with being GREAT again.

“Conservative leader is even worse than predecessor David Cameron” ——- GOOD! Because Cameron was a complete wast of time when it came to negotiating anything with the EU. He came to you asking for nothing and came away with even less. May does not seem inclined to do that. She offered to negotiate over EU and UK citizen in the countries right at the beginning and you sent her away saying ‘No negotiations till Art 50’  Well you have that now but you still seem to be disinclined to discuss the matter. Less than 2 years and counting. …..Are EU politicians going to sit on their thumbs for two years and then cry ‘Unfair, we want more time’. Then watch on in dismay as we walk away taking our money with us.

I’d have loved to have played a few hands of stud with Cameron, I would have made a fortune. Such a boy scout.

We have always said that we will pay our due up till the time we leave. But the EU has come up with a figure of 60 billion euros without anything to back this figure up, just like their accounts that have never been audited by an independent source and it is known that there is missing over 800 billion euros. until these accounts are put in order we will refuse to pay any punishment fee that the EU demands.

Deep England.
Do you mean Standarten fuhrer? Germany is not bad, I know and have known many Germans, they are generous kind and excellent hosts.
I think you mistake the type of German that Selmayr is for normal German people. Most German politicians are greedy self-serving and nasty. but German people are normally hard-working and fairly servile which of course is a problem. Bismark created the German state, but he had to force Bavaria to join, they still do not see themselves as part of the German state.
You are quite wrong, Germany is not an evil country, but its politicians tend to be evil.

Norman Castle
The politicians in the EU and Germany are in default of Article 8 of the Lisbon Treaty and should be subject to a fine equal to the sum that the UK has donated to the EU since 1972. The article is repeated below:-

Article 8
1. The Union shall develop a special relationship with neighbouring countries, aiming to establish an area of prosperity and good neighbourliness, founded on the values of the Union and characterised by close and peaceful relations based on cooperation.

2. For the purposes of paragraph 1, the Union may conclude specific agreements with the countries concerned. These agreements may contain reciprocal rights and obligations as well as the possibility of undertaking activities jointly. Their implementation shall be the subject of periodic consultation.

Why is Dim Tim minor fart given so much free publicity?
There are only 8 Lib/Undem MPs out of 650+!

Hi GERMANY have you bas–ters what you have forgotten – not keeping your word as always on the £120 billion from 1945 you still have to pay the UNITED KINGDOM. Without interest that would be today 1.627.630.000.000 just the ”one off ” payment will do. Plus there are 7 other countries still waiting as well – YOU NEVER PAY YOUR DEBTS WHY YOU LIE CHEAT AND NOT HONORABLE RACE

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