‘It’s distorting the whole energy market’ Britain to scrap EU’s green targets post-Brexit


THE DARK SIDE OF “GREEN”: WIND TURBINE ACCIDENTS, INJURIES AND FATALITIES RAISE SERIOUS SAFETY CONCERNS https://eastcountymagazine.org/dark-side-“green”-wind-turbine-accidents-injuries-and-fatalities-raise-serious-safety-concerns

GW: Interesting that our very own anti-establishment social watchdog Mr Alan M Dransfield was speaking about the hidden stories of the failings of these things recently.  He said that bits have come off some of them and that one was to be built within a school boundary of all things!  He also said that they are bloody expensive and that they are tied to EUSSR subsidies and that we will be out of pocket at the end of the day over them. Mr Dransfield has a background in construction and has a bee in his bonnet about the lack of lightning protection on some new builds in UK done by dodgy construction outfits.  The Rugby Bridge for instance has not lightning protection.

Exeter Cheifs Rugby Bridge aka Bakers bridge https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/exeter_cheifs_rugby_bridge_aka_b

Further Information at Link

Furthermore there is Fraud associated with the construction of the 2012 Olympic Stadium to the tune of 700 Million Pounds signed of by none other than Boris Johnson.

Olympic Stadium cost rises to £701m from initial £280m estimate


”The eye-catching Zaha Hadid-designed Aquatics Centre has also been built in Britain, by FTSE-100 construction group Balfour Beatty and a long list of suppliers.”

”The team that built the Olympic venues in Stratford and elsewhere in the UK includes some of Britain’s best-known construction companies, such as Balfour Beatty, Carillion, and Sir Robert McAlpine, each of whom led work on one of the major venues. However, the majority of names on the list are smaller companies, such as Weldex in Inverness, RMD KwikForm from Walsall and Burdens from Bristol, who supplied the materials and services.”  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/london-olympics-business/8641977/London-2012-Olympics-The-Olympic-Stadium-made-in-Britain.html

At least 40 PFI School Constructions also now under the microscope.  School walls of these have fallen down.

Damning report attacks firms which built fault-ridden Scottish schools

”Failings by PFI contractors and Edinburgh city council highlighted by inquiry after emergency closure of 17 schools in 2016”


This led to the death of a schoolchild and yet the Procurator Fiscal said that there would be no criminal prosecution??????

Thanks to Abel Danger for bringing this to our attention.

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