Worst nightmare for EU as French election could be between TWO candidates wanting Frexit


Hello from a Brit currently in North China doing business. Almost within sight of Pyongyang. No sign of mushroom clouds so far. Then again, not much sight of mushrooms either. Someone in North Korea has a penchant for mushroom pies, I’m told. Any kind of pies.

Anyway, the view of the Chinese man on the Penglai omnibus is that the world is most definitely on the brink of disaster. It’s being threatened by a tyrannically deranged and totally unpredictable, empire-building, fat bloke with a hysterically dodgy haircut and from a dysfunctional family lineage with a bent for world domination.

And Kim Jong’Un is no angel either.

Marine Le Pen I could easily vote for, despite the negative press she gets. Well, we know the bias of the press don’t we! Always support the establishment. She would be just the shock wave the EU needs to knock it in to shape. Problem is, it would then be too late, the disintegration would be well underway. As for Mr Melenchon, his communist philosophy would really worry me.

I hope that France will leave this Brussel Block.

The Great Escape
The Re-Moaning Losers Argument to stay in the EU is Getting Weaker Every Day as The French are About to Vote For Their Great Escape.

Wait for it! It hasn’t happened yet. The Dutch have another four years to wait for their next chance and I hope they don’t blow it again?

Most important it puts pay to that left-wing despot scam! The only interest the unelected dictatorial libtards have in that so-called European “Union” is the possibility of their ruling Europe with their hate filled extremely envious agenda/mentality! Like everything they come into contact with it ends in failure!! Who in their right mind would want to be dictated to by an unelected bureaucratically federalist regime with a dream of having their own army!! Obviously to control any dissidents.

They might both end up in a Coalition I tell you France is coming out of EU…
brexit has caused a massive domino effect..
Just like the USSR when Lithuania left the soviet union the other countries followed suit very quickly…
The EU is in a sticky situation right and I look forward to it disappearing completely..
Europe can start its own trading block and I mean trade only this time around.

52 percenter
The main thing about the French election is the departure of the hideous Hollande. He has done as much damage to France as the Labour party under Blair did to the U.K.
France desperately needs to regain respect & have strict control over its borders,otherwise disaster looms.The only way they can do that is to leave the corrupt E.U.

Bonne Chance et Vive la France.

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