Morgan Sindall Construction Were Responsible For The 8 Million Pound Rebuild Of Highwood Primary In Watford In 2010 Which Almost Immediately Suffered From Catastrophic Flood Damage

17 Nov 2010 6_7million_primary_school/

10 Jul 2012
Highwood Primary School officially opened by Derek Derenalagi with_children_as_he_declares_new_school_open/

31 Aug 2016
Highwood Primary School, in Bushey, will not reopen on time after flood damage reopen_on_time_after_flood_damage/

February 2017
Morgan Sindall replaced by Brent Council on a £24m North London build of 3 primary schools

Ben Bradshaw Labour MP Exeter

We are further told by a Mr Alan Dransfield from Exeter that Balfour Beatty has  got some questions to answer about deaths on building sites and some severe cost anomalies regarding the ”altering” of a new Olympic Stadium to make it ”fit for purpose” as a long term sporting venue.  Mr Dransfield has written to Labour MP Ben Bradshaw about his concerns but has been ignored.

From: alan dransfield <>

Cc: John BERCOW <>;
Richard Bailey <>;
AccessICOinformation <>;;
Elizabeth Truss <>;
Mayor of London <>;;
Dispatches Channel 4 <>; “” <>
“” <>
Andrew Brewer <>;;; Amazon News Media <>;;
Graeme – Western Morning News Demianyk <>; Hamish Marshall <>;
Phil Goodwin <>

Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 12:05 AM


Mr Ben Bradshaw MP for Exeter

Dear Mr Bradshaw

You are on recod to me saying please provide tangible evidnce of fraud related to the Exeter 6 PFI schools and I will ensure the Devon Police Investigate your allegations. Please see the attached information ref Fire Safety Certificate for all six (6) PFI schools which were approved four (4) years post completion certifcation. Moreover they claim the Fire Safety Inspections were all done on the same day which is also deception. It is a pysical impossibility to inspect 4 large PFI schools on the same day.  Which means the first Four years of these schools were devoid of any Fire Certifcation. Suggestion and recommendation.

1.Call for a meeting with Carillion and the Devon County Council to initiate a full H&S audit of these schools.

2.See Andrew Brewer safety issues list. When these two items above are read in conjucntion with other available documents,ie As Built Health and Safety Files, these 6 PFI schools in Exeter should be demolished, as they are indeed, Safety Hazards. In the event you continue your wilful blindnes to the lifethreatening dangers, I must assume you are part of the wider conspiracy to defruad public funds. With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

Source Abel Danger

Even further we find that Sodexo has moved into the schools infrastructure ”market”

Sodexo Education wins contract for six schools in Exeter

Wonder why?

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