EU to push through emergency Brexit trade deal to benefit Brussels members but NOT Britain

Sign the petition – though I think you have already, in which case spread the word.

Ensure the British fishing waters are returned to the UK post Brexit

The EFTA/EEA option is too good – it would prove that you can do a pain-free exit from the EU, and then everyone will want to leave – that’s why they are not keen on it. It would move the centre of power from Brussels to London.

Trouble is the EU doesn’t recognise us as the 2nd biggest contributor so they treat us as 2nd class citizens.

shanghai blues
Emergency legislation they can trade with us but we can’t trade with them , I don’t think so

Britain could only have one response to such a one sided proposition;





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Here’s our proposal yEUk !

We don’t need a free trade agreement with the EU. The EU doesn’t have any free trade agreement to offer anyway. We can all trade under WTO rules. That way we either MAKE money on tariffs if trade is not adjusted and buy our food from Africa and the Commonwealth. We can live without cake.

And that is what is scarring the EU, it will decimate Spain, Italy, Ireland and others, multiple bailouts within 12-24 months of us leaving and going WTO.

The last time Elites told the peasants to eat cake they were introduced to Madame Guillotine time for a repeat.

GW: Re EUSSR emergency Legislation – There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a hole.  Well Fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry etc.
Cedarmont Kids – There’s A Hole In The Bucket

Old Jan in Canada
This appears to me to be more empty verbiage emanating from the EU. Remember this, nothing, absolutely nothing has yet been presented at the negotiating table, until something concrete is presented, this, and all the other threats are nothing but hot air. Fortunately, the UK negotiating team are not taking the bait and are just waiting for the actual negotiations to start, at which time I think there will be many, including those who have been trying to undermine the PM, who will be getting quite a shock.

It’s pretty clear that the UK will be looking for a deal that offers freedom of good, capital and services. There is no way the UK would agree to only goods, that suits the EU27… why would we do that without getting something in return.

For me its a simple negotiation
1. We agree the ‘3 freedoms’
2. We agree to pay membership for the next 2 years (which will actually be the transition period as 2 years is the maximum period, its not a minimum)… nothing else beyond that and we get our proportionate share of the assets returned. If the EU wants anything more than that they then they need to produce a signed off audited set of accounts (something they’ve never been able to do!!!)
3. Citizens of the UK in the EU27 and EU27 citizens in the UK resident up to the date of the UK serving notice to leave will be afforded rights to remain.
4. There will be no extension of any agreement beyond 24 months and the UK will return to International Law and not the ECJ etc.
5. The UK will be removed from all EU treaties etc.

Or we just leave with immediate effect and revert it all to the WTA on everything.

GW:  EUSSR can’t make up laws ”on the hoof” at this point in time.  They are now in the middle of negotiations for a new order of things.  The UK will no longer be within but will still be a worthwhile market for their goods.  So why are they being so petulant?  We must go forward on the existing set of agreements.  The EUSSR are so used to not being accountable to anyone that they are just thrashing about looking for more weapons instead of looking at the best way forward for all.  Good grief!  What a load of tossers!

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