VoxPol Elite v Momentum: ”Elite goes tinfoil over Momentum | Paul Mason”

17 September 2016

Owen Smith calls 18,000-strong Momentum Group an “alien parasite” https://medium.com/mosquito-ridge/elite-goes-tinfoil-over-momentum-dd544c9d8f1c

Text from ”MosquitoRidge” 17 September 2016:

In the past two days there’s been a clear, programmed switch of emphasis in the Labour right’s campaign against Jeremy Corbyn.

They have switched from attacking Corbyn himself to attacking Momentum, the grassroots campaign set up by his supporters after he won last time, and which forms the backbone of his leadership campaign now.

A Times story, based on an offical-looking but anonymous dossier about Momentum’s activities in Liverpool, forms the centrepiece. Two pre-scheduled TV “investigations” are to follow.

The Liverpool dossier has been compiled by someone — believed to be local Labour officials — using undercover surveillance methods to infiltrate Google and Facebook groups Momentum uses.

The dossier follows the usual, Zinoviev letter-style method used in all red-baiting: to build the case that Momentum is, instead of an 18,000+ strong movement of Labour activists, a alien force originating outside the party.

It concludes — without any evidence- that numerous members of Momentum have joined:

“with darker, more insidious intent… to seize control of the machinery of local Labour Parties and use it for their own ends.”

As rightwing blogger Guido Fawkes notes:
Whoever carried out the extensive investigation must have had significant abilities and resources. This is not an amateur job, it is a forensic red-on-red black op which found its way to the press to diminish the party leadership. Note that it’s written in the official party font.

The Times editorial completes the logic:
“Momentum is technically independent of Labour. In reality it is the cuckoo in Labour’s nest, busy entrenching Mr Corbyn’s power and undermining British values and democracy in the process.”

It’s important to understand the change of emphasis. A few weeks ago Owen Smith was demanding the right to attend Momentum rallies alongside Corbyn. Though concerns were expressed about a few individuals inside Momentum who, in the past, had been activists on the far left, this is different.

Now Smith has suggested it is a Militant-style entryist group. Yesterday he came very close to suggesting that like Militant it should be proscribed. He said:
“We have seen these tactics in the past under Militant. Momentum is not terribly subtle. Creating a big ‘M’ at the front of their name should give the game away.”

The previous allegation — that Momentum was infiltrated by the far left — has been superseded by the idea that the group itself, in its entirety, is an “entryist” formation.


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