EUSSR Winemakers Can’t Compete – Part ii

‘Champagne’ – wasn’t called that of course – was actually invented in England. Christopher Merrett from Gloucestershire not only devised the method of fermentation which gives champagne its sparkle, he also invented the stronger glass needed to stop the bottles exploding under pressure.
Merrett delivered a paper to the Royal Society in London in 1632 setting out his discovery. And that was six years before Dom Perignon, the French monk generally credited with inventing champagne, was even born.

The first champagne house was not founded in France until 1729 – almost 100 years after Merrett published his ideas.

Charlie Peace
Indeed. The French dump their champagne in Australia. Last week, my daughter over there was buying Tattinger for just over £20 a bottle, Moet was cheaper.

overeign man
Every citizen and business that is left inside the EU political state needs to worry, you only need to go on youtube and listen to the rhetoric of the EU political establishment, they speak of nothing more than saving the political construct of their organisation. i have yet to see any talk of helping their people.

The sort of people who buy BMW, Audi, VW and Porsche are not likely to be put off by paying even more for their status symbols. You think they’re going to buy Vauxhall instead?

Disagree. I have a top of range BMW, and will turn back to Lexus. I shall also consider JLR models, and dream of Aston Martin.

It’s now becoming clear to everyone that the Feurocrats are prepared to sacrifice the livelihoods of workers in the remaining member states in order to make a childish political point – it will be that which destroys the EU from within – not necessarily Brexit!

White Rose
I listened to an interview on RT News a month or so ago and it was said that Britain will get a bad deal or no deal from the EU simply because of their mentality. Their mentality (or Germany’s specifically, it was stated) is that there are rules and rules must be obeyed or there is chaos. That the EU could be damaged by not reaching a mutually favourable deal doesn’t compute with their way of thinking. Sounds about right.

The ungagged
The Italians have more than their wine to worry about – they are almost BANKRUPT and their only hope is an EU bailout that the UNELECTED EU elite plus Merkel want us to contribute to.
It is politically expedient that Italy also does NOT leave the EUROZONE.

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