Trump Plays The Part Of The Hellequin

First Comment by (House Satanist) AJ Fozdyke:-The Age of Stunts

(Aloysius Fozdyke has been contributing to this site off and on since 2010. A member of Sydney Australia Alpha Lodge,
he confirmed satanist influence is worldwide. )
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”Well, have you noticed how Donald takes the part of the Hellequin? No one knows what he’ll do next – not even him. When last posted I stated, “In our tradition Trump is The Hellequin, ‘a master of external and always internal disguise…The Hellequin teaches by encouraging emulation…then indignation’.” The Epistle of Matthias; ‘The Phoenix & The Harlequin’.

I also wrote, “When the crowd no longer sends [President Trump] the energies he needs he will become uncontrollable. “The Wand must be bedaubed. The Cup drained. The Sword dazzling. The Disc penetrated.”” By way of hint, I then mentioned the late Dr. Stephen Ward. So here’s another hint vis-a-vis that 1961 period: Prince Philip.

For the Alpha Lodge, this is the Age of Stunts. That’s what the masses want: Stunts. The Phoenix is solar and regenerates through fire. I’m sick of mentioning in-your-hand, purity and weight stamped silver. Your readers know better. And Walpurgis Night is not yet here.

‘The Hellequin’s path is difficult, dangerous and lonely for he must engage continually by challenging the world to accommodate the expectations of his followers…salted with invitations to emulation but with a character designed to repel. Never able to give a meaningful explanation, his ideals and ineffectual means of attainment always attract followers as enemies…’ ibid.

Anyway, enjoy what you can while you can, for Paymon is King of the west, who together with Abali and Beball are the infernal trinity. Enjoy! I only want to live long enough to direct the energies to be released and then I will be with Satan, in His world, with His bride…

Al Thompson suggests a shock collar for politicians that activates every time they break a campaign promise.

Looking at Trump as some kind of Messiah is a complete waste of time. He is what he is and I don’t think anything good is going to come from his administration. Once another war is started, that will be an excuse to drop the income tax cuts that he promised. This Kim guy with a bad haircut is the dumbest leader I’ve ever seen. Most of the people in the government should be in street gangs because they aren’t good for anything else. The people of the world get to watch these gang wars live on TV and the whole governmental process of doing things is but a sick joke.

Trump is going to be tough yet he allows himself to kiss Rudy Guiliani who is dressed up as a woman?  I’m still wondering what was the real message of that?

The people who operate on the dark side love war. They enjoy stealing money from the workers and then spending it on themselves. They are rude, selfish, condescending, and they are more trouble than they are worth. Just remember, if you have any kind of a decent job that pays well, you can be comforted that 50-60% of your income is going to the government in some form or fashion. You get to pay for all of these wars.

The globalist agenda is just fine with Donald Trump. And one of his main points about staying out of the business of other countries has gone by the wayside and back into the chaos of the globalist agenda, which is worldwide communism for everyone.

But I have a solution. Everyone who is elected should wear a shock collar. When they break their campaign promises they should be put out of office and zapped on their way out. If people want a democracy they could actually have a way to make it work and to enforce the stupid laws that they pass. As it stands now, the people can be promised the moon but the reality is just the opposite. This is what makes democracy so frustrating; say one thing and do another.
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So we have Stephen Ward & J Savile as previous Hellquins.

The Profumo Affair: ‘It was decided that Stephen Ward had to die’

Profumo Affair Dr Stephen Ward statement 22/03/63


Karen Hudes Twitter

2010: Soli Dio Gloria – Julia Gillard And The New World Order

Notice the following:

Bob Katter Wayne Swan Handshake

”Both MPs are looking at their Masonic handshake and not at each other. Wayne Swan is wearing a triangular cuff-link which shows affinity to the New World Order. Who wears triangular cuff-links???

You do realize, don’t you, that opposition to the NWO is really starting to come together with great momentum. You guys there at Rense are bringing down the house. It’s absolutely fantastic!

VN: Now here are signs of Satan so you can recognize them when you see our highest officials in the land using them to communicate with each other and their handlers. The whisleblower we discussed Thursday is right, they are not even trying to hide it anymore because they now know that we know and are doing nothing about it. In fact, pastors are doing exactly what the satanists need, setting up the christians to kill off the Muslims for the satanists because the muslims are far more spiritual in their faith than Christians are obviously if they follow a pastor who is a satanist. lol

Signs of Satan!

Hand Sign Mano Cornuto; “The goat head is a black mockery of Jesus’ role as the Lamb of God”; There is a small owl just to the left of the “1” which appears on the upper right hand corner of the Dollar Bill; Bizarre Gotthard Tunnel Ritual; engaging is sex with children esp with high IQ young boys; Pentagrams; Secret Ritualistic Meetings in Clubs e.g. Hellfire Club; penchant for Ceremonies in underground places such as crypts; use of upside-down crosses – as the current pope is want to do; copious use of candles & masks; sick word & picture play that confuses the ingénue e.g. Peppa Pig which really involves pictures of genitalia & things hidden in Disney cartoons; reversals such as black is white, things written backwards or backwards speech;  something turned upside down; use of sigils; etc

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