UK Column News 13th April 2017 Cyber Policing Strengthened

George The Greek Trucker

  • Chechen ”Rebels” and the Beslan Incident – EU Court ruled Russians failed to protect the hostages.  One wonders just who paid the Chechen ”Rebels” to pull that stunt – raping young girls etc.  That sounds familiar.  Gladio Operatives?
  • Trump – > Jens Stoltenberg – Countries should pay 2% of GDP to help fund NATO operations.  Another Trump U-Turn.
  • Rex Tillerson on his visit to Russia – ”doing a fantastic job” as Mr Trump said.  He said relations with Russia were ”not so good”.  Lavrov said he ”understands things

    better after the visit” – bet he does.

  • Anti-Syria resolution from UNSCMatthew Rycroft said Russia supports the use of Chemical weapons in Syria & furthermore blah blah blah – For goodness sakes!
  • FullFact Charity says it is there to ”root out” the fake news.
  • Mr Paul Spicer – the aim is to de-stabilize Syria – the Balkanisation of Syria?
  • Melanie Shaw CSA Survivor is still held in Solitary Confinement at Foston Hall Prison and was put there by PM Theresa May because she holds information detrimental to the ToriCon Party.
  • Fakebook is going to teach journalists how to spot Fake News in association with FullFact.  Good Lord! FullFact is based at 2 Carlton Gardens London along with Jill Rutter @ Institute for Government who is also at Carlton Gardens.  How cosy.  Jill Rutter is a ”change agent” who has been involved with setting UK Policy for the last 20 years.
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