DWP Continues To Deliver A Dreadful Service While Simultaneously Wasting Tax-Payers Money Right & Left On Useless Contracts

2015: On Sue Marsh, Maximus, and Moving On

‘Maximus are not idiots. They are as slick a bunch of bastards as you are likely to find and have ridden out a string of scandals in the US. They make Atos look like Mary  Poppins. And they knew exactly what they were taking on when Iain Duncan Smith offered them the contract to replace Atos running the despised Work Capability Assessment (WCA)”


Mowdiwarp @ mirror
Capita and Atos only employ the dregs of society and are barely qualified to run a bath never mind assess the vulnerable of society. This ‘government’ employs these disgusting organisations because they have not go the guts to do their own dirty work.

GW: 2015: Maximus replaced Atos as WCA provider:
2016: Atos, Maximus and Capita forced to admit assessment failures

TerryEC @ disabilitynewservice
A friend of mine was traumatised by the death of his daughter and then of his wife, he was asked to leave his job because he could not concentrate, he became a hermit, he was not functioning at all, his doctor was worried he would commit suicide but thankfully that didn’t happen, he was put on sickness benefit but ended up going to an ATOS review and failed miserably scoring the necessary points as he was very honest about his condition, no physical problems but just not functioning in life, he was told his money was stopped and wasn’t told about any hardship funds or even that he could appeal, the system is flawed and people like my friend who worked for 47 years are treated as unimportant bi-products, he is receiving his pension now although he hasn’t recovered.

Will Butts @ disabilitynewservice
“Advised Ministers not to make a public announcement” Well, well. I’ll bloody bet they did. This DWP under the last 3 Governments has wasted upwards of BILLIONS of pounds on failed computer systems, Universal Credit, ATOS/Maximus/Capita contracts and claims that it is trying to implement a system that is fairer, more balanced and takes the ‘lame and lazy’ off benefits. IDS should be arrested for wantonly wasting public money and fraud. I doubt if there is any intended recipient of his reforms who can genuinely say that they are pleased with the process in place. The hideous way in which the disadvantaged are being treated is a national scandal and heads should roll.

Vapeman @ mirror
All assessors should be qualified doctors

Maximus scandalises Australia – how long before it does the same in the UK?http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/03/02/maximus-scandalises-australia-how-long-before-it-does-the-same-in-the-uk/

Fee @ mirror
What exactly is the government in the U.K. hoping to accomplish by all these assessments etc the UK Gov are putting on mental health and disability?  It’s quite vile really that the british are suffering from all the benefit cuts while UK Gov are letting in immigrants & giving them british tax payers’ money. Look after your own people…as for the assessor asking such a question to someone who suffers mental health should be fired.

I’ve just notified them of legal action after being diagnosed with an inherited condition that renders you pretty much incapacitated and on medication with restrictions for life. Unfortunately we have just gone through a family bereavement and my niece has also been in intensive care because of it.

I was not checked just questioned and our condition is very obvious to the naked eye.  Before anyone judges, I’m a professional in my field with a home, car and supporting my family but I have now had this diagnosis which is proven to be incurable and deadly yet I’ve been refused PIP even though I am unable to work after a lifetime of emolyment.

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