Almost a quarter of French voters will MOVE abroad if election choice loses, says poll

Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s nationalist Front National party, is however still on course to come out on top in the election’s first round on April 23, an Ifop-Fiducial voting intentions poll for Paris Match, Cnews and Sud Radio published on Wednesday showed.

Oh just as the ‘millions’ we’re going to scoot when Trump won in the US. Fake News on their part. They’ll stay put and just whing for the next years.

Today’s French language test: Translate into French the following:

“If I can’t win I will take my ball back home!”

“Si je ne peux pas gagner, je vais ramener ma balle à la maison!”

Please please ….. do not come to my Kenya.

Well we don’t want them. We had enough the last time in 1066 🙂

Remoaners said the same thing during Brexit….they are still here….unfortunatly.

I don’t believe that a quarter of the French would leave France. However, if they did, it would be yet another disastrous outcome of globalisation – the ongoing possibility of any country losing masses of its people at once. I don’t know how anyone ever thought that would be a good idea, certainly in terms of social stability which all human beings need. Seems we’re going to back to pre-civilisation days.

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