EUSSR Wine Makers Can’t Compete – Part i

What the EU and slime like Nick Clegg, Tim Farron and others do NOT tell you is that Italy relies on UK trade for 400,000 jobs. France? 600,000 jobs. Germany? 1.4 million jobs. The EU in total? 5.6 million jobs. So all these pathetic threats and posturing about “punishing” the UK would result in the EU also punishing other EU countries, with the likes of Italy and France already pretty anti EU as it is with just another PUSH from the EU, such as massive jobs losses in these countries, to find them wanting to leave the EU in greater numbers.
The EU DARE NOT punish the UK. They are all talk to try to frighten other countries off from leaving, Hardly democratic or friendly but that is the EU for you.

Everything you have said is correct.
However the EU does not care about the people (except to further their goal of creating the nwo on the globalists behest.
Its scares the hell out of me the remoaners are so brainwashed they dont undersand this.

I know what you mean about how dumb and gullible REMOANers are. But WORSE STILL, there are a HUGE NUMBER of Europeans that think the EU is the best thing ever! It is incredible that so very many people can be conned and duped by what is one enormous LIE. But then, experience has taught us that in just about EVERY Western country in the world, the majority of the populations are merely thick, ignorant, easily led sheep that swallow any old lies and propaganda they are fed by the establishments, the political elite and the media. Otherwise, the LabConLib parties in the UK would have NO VOTERS after the terrible mess they have made of the UK. As further proof, look at what Merkel has done in Germany recently. She has DELIBERATELY ALLOWED IN rapists, murderers, child abusers, criminals and terrorists, at a cost to the German taxpayers in excess of £25 BILLION – yet the opinion polls for the German elections have her IN THE LEAD!!! Now THAT proves what weak, appathetic, ignorant, gullible sheep the majority of the German people have become
What truly amazes me is that despite some elements of the media, some politicians and some of the population of EU countries trying to enlighten and open the eyes of those that support the EU, these people REFUSE POINT BLANK to accept the truth and prefer instead to accept the establishments lies. Talk about being terminally stupid.

I find I dislike being threatened by “our allies” and I no longer buy European wines, I like the Australian, South African and Caliornian wines and I am now looking to buy more home grown and manufactured products and I hope my fellow Brits will do the same.

Well done guys – me too. I no longer pay a TV license. I cancelled all my Sky services. I cancelled my Virgin mobile phone. I no longer fly RyanAir. In other words, I will not give my money to anyone or any organisation that is anti Britian or anti BREXIT, like the BBC, Sky News, Richard Branson and Micheal O’Leary.
Now they will not notice the loss from myself alone, but it makes me feel a little better.

Brian, if enough of us do the same then they will feel it…….

Hard Brexit, lets go…..

Not only the wine industry will suffer but their fruit veg cheese and meat industry also if they keep up their threats!

”anglogallois” is a Common Purpose so-called ‘graduate’. I.e. believes he is an elite ‘leader’ while the rest of us plebs are mere ‘followers’. So, of course he is a wine snob. Oh, yes, it’s also worth mentioning that their ‘training’ is based on some daft New Age psychobabble, totally discredited. Only susceptible ‘useful idiots’ who believe in such twaddle are accepted on their courses.

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