Shocking pictures show NHS medics running to move their cars to avoid £40 fines after parking permits are taken away

A busy medic dashes back to continue treating patients after saving herself from a parking ticket.

She is just one of 81 staff faced with the farcical runs every two hours to avoid the £40 fine by chasing a new parking spot.

“It’s just a total nightmare, I’m actually in the middle of seeing someone right now but instead I have to worry about making sure I don’t get a ticket. It’s ridiculous.”

Like other staff at Poole Community Health Clinic, she is no longer allocated a permit for the nearby car park.

“But it’s OK for management, who don’t see patients, and don’t need to leave the office, they’ve got parking guaranteed. So that’s nice for them.”

”Another medic, who did not want to be named or pictured, said: “It states in our contracts we need cars, we even have to leave clinic at short notice to visit patients, so this is just so absurd.”

A ridiculous situation but not a surprise. Those who brought this scheme in will be sat on their backsides all day with reserved parking while they extort money from the NHS for their ‘services’. As usual the front line staff get the crap while the ‘management’ get the cream.

Idiot. The article states that the staff require a vehicle as they may need to visit a patient at home. If this is a prerequisite, then the employer MUST ensure that there are sufficient parking spaces for the workers, not the overpaid a******s called managers.

Have the same problem in the NHS trust I work for. Car park is run by a private company, we all pay for a monthly permit but they oversubscribe (assuming sickness/holidays) which means on most days when 90% plus of staff are in – those starting work later don’t get a spot – even though we are all paying for a permit. Then people are running out to move cars when a later car park opens and to avoid fines. Guess at least its not having to move them every 2 hours but still ridiculous.

The people who decided to remove the permits still have their parking places

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