France in crisis as stock market suffers huge SELL-OFF ahead of election

France is not in, as you say, crisis. Obviously there is uncertainty before any election. The CAC is down 0.68 today. FTSE is also down, slightly less, at 0.55.

The truth is that the French economy is in crisis. That is why they are spitting so much vitriol concerning Brexit. They’ll have to help plug the hole…….but with what??? Of course your response will be, how the the hell do I know. Fair enough. But I live in France six months of the year and have friends who are in government and they are scared stiff.

The French economy is barely ticking over.
You have mountains of debt.
Rising unemployment
Rising immigration
No investment
The 35 hour week
France is in a right state-
But you are far too removed from reality to understand your bubble is about to burst.

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