Fake news plague is spreading to schoolchildren’s homework says teachers’ union

”In one case, a union member said that “some students did not attend school and hysteria ensued because they thought there were killer clowns roaming the streets with weapons”. ”

Also teach them the bias given to coverage on the media. Ask them to think why like today a story about 27 people historically abusing girls aged 11-17 going to court is hardly covered and not at all in some cases whereas if white people had done the crime it would be all over the front pages and TV for weeks. Ask them to think why considering all the death and suffering that goes on every day is someone shouting racist abuse at someone on a bus the top story on major international internet sites.

Just show them the BBC, they will instantly recognize fake news.

The Emperors New Clothes
Yes just about anything on the BBC and CNN could be fake news, then there’s Sky news all of whom have been infested by the CIA (operation Mockingbird). Every major news outlet is effectively owned by the CIA. It’s even been made legal in the US for the CIA to manufacture fake news to control the narrative in any story.

Like 9/11 that 21 terrorists can hijack 4 passenger jets to fly into the twin towers and the Pentagon while NORAD are running a mock attacks using the same targets at the very same time, Terrorists who could not drive let alone pilot jet planes with box cutters organised by a guy in a cave in Afghanistan, The public really bought that one.

clearly something was wrong with the original government approved concept that children needed computers in order to do their homework –the subsequent rush to equip all schools with computers–schools didn’t seem to need teachers and children didn’t need to learn or have powers of recall –Why listen to the teacher or read books when you can just google the question set why learn maths when you can add up on a calculator—-i suggest this gross folly is the reason behind the problems now being addressed

GW:  The short spate of ”clowns” roaming about and popping up in shopping centres was interesting.  Like those who have sex in public.  Some kind of attack on social norms by the Cultural Marxists spoken of yesterday by UK Column.  Think Tanks finding social experiments they can pay people to run to then see the public’s reaction in order to find methods of altering behaviour to the Think Tank’s view of ”normal” – which is often quite ”abnormal” really.  However, the ”clown” experiment was particularly nasty as it probably did frighten children.

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