UK Column News 11 April 2017

George The Greek Trucker

    • Rex Tillerson says Russia can either keep backing Assad as he faces defeat or side with US to secure Syria’s future as he declares ‘the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end’ 
    • H R MacMaster US National Security Advisor – it’s Russian who has to decide whose side they are on & they knew exactly where that Sarin was at the airbase so the cruise missiles missed them yada yada yada
    • Watch CNN Anchor‘s reaction when US rep shocks her by questioning Syria gas attack narrative
    • If Trump has people like MacMaster sounding off like this on overseas policy and he loses sight of his domestic agenda then he will lose his popular support – Mark Anderson.
    • Take a look at Atlantic Council – NeoGlobal Libtards on steroids!

Stan Dalby
Who really keeps the world’$ human population in poverty through their greed & power of printing fake, phoney & false fiat Monopoly money that’s backed by nothing other than fresh-air? Here I share with you a clue, 1984
Macmillan, New York, p. 326

* When people of this class are stricken by guilt feelings while plotting world wars and economic depressions which will bring misery, suffering and death to millions of the world’s inhabitants, they sometimes have qualms. These qualms are jeered at by their peers as “a failure of nerve”.  After a bout with their psychiatrists, they return to their work with renewed gusto, with no further digressions of pity for “the little people” who are to be their victims.* Carroll Quigley : Tragedy & Hope

The Ultimate Bankster Quote – from a former Governor of the Bank of England (1920 – 1944) Posted on April 4, 2011 | 32 Comments

“Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

“When, through process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of the government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers.

“These truths are well known among our principal men, who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance.

“It is thus, by discrete action, we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.”

Howard Downes – > Stan Dalby

(Then a narrative about a year I spent living in the “Middle East” only 20 miles from the West Bank and what I experienced and learnt first-hand)

Brilliantly put !
As a fully-qualified CENTRA-Accredited Counsellor who saw through the sham psychodynamic therapy business and hasn’t actively engaged in such since the late 90s/early millennium, you’re correct. In my opinion, those that espouse so-called “core conditions” (congruence/authenticity, empathy, unconditional positive regard) lay claim to superhuman, inachievable attributes and are complicit in just another self-serving capitalist/consumerist business enterprise, are mercenary and amongst the most inauthentic/disingenuous people I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter.


Regards Trump’s latest actions, my gut reaction is that he’s posturing and placating the neocon “war hawks” and his exact relationship with the US Zionist lobby troubles me, especially in light of his daughter being a strict practising Orthodox Jew following conversion after marriage.
Alerting Russia beforehand means the Syrian govt will have been alerted in time to remove aircraft, etc. I believe that in no manner was Sarin used and this was truly a “false flag” event perpetrated by anti-Assad “rebels”.


From early 2002 I spent a year residing in the majority-Christian town Madaba, at the foot of Mt (Jabal) Nebo, consensually agreed to be the site of Moses’ Tomb (“Siyagha”)and roughly 25 miles from Israeli-occupied Jericho “as the crow flies” on the West Bank, the first destination you reach if travelling over Israel’s only land border crossing, the Allenby Bridge (“Jisr Maleka Hussein”) across the Jordan River.

I knew there was going to be a war as soon as I observed massive troop movements to Jordan’s eastern frontier and border with Iraq, observing countless UNHCR coaches etc in the months preceding the “Second Gulf War.

During my time in Jordan I’d the privilege of seeing Ilhalm Al-Madfai, known as “the Iraqi Beatle” due to his popularity, one of the most famous male Arab singers and artists. He performed an open-air concert at Petra (the world-famous UNESCO “rose red” heritage city carved directly into the mountains and cliffsides south of the Dead Sea by the ancient Nabataean civilisation in the latter centuries BC/BCE).

I’ll never forget him singing “Mawtini”, meaning “My Homeland”, the long-time Iraqi national anthem as Cruise missiles were raining down on Baghdad and war raging just miles east, with not a dry eye in the house even amongst non-Arabic speakers, and a tremendously moving experience.

I was researching the life of St John the Baptist/Forerunner at the time, who dwelt east of the Jordan where he’s recorded as having baptised Jesus, whom Arabic-speaking Christians refer to as “Yeshuwa Al-Masheer”, at the authentic “Baptism Site” (compared to the fake one on the opposite bank peddled as such by the Israeli tourist board which deceives many “born again Christians” who are most often duped into supporting – both emotionally and financially – Zionism), called “Al-Maghtas”, and not far from Herod Antipas’ desert palace-fortress at “Macchareus” or “Al-Mukawir”,where the Baptist was imprisoned and executed.

I visited Syria on several occasions and went inside what’s called the “Grand Umayyad Mosque” in Damascus, which was the Great Church of St John the Baptist until Damascus fell to the Arab invasion of 698AD, which is believed to contain a reliquary containing the Baptist’s decapitated head.

I also visited St George’s Monastery, Syria, where Aramaic is still spoken, and trod the beautiful streets of Homs and Syria’s former merchant-capital, the breathtaking and historic city of Aleppo, which I’ve shed more than a tear or two seeing pictures of now.
Syria was always a very welcoming, “secular” type society, don’t forget it sided WITH the US/UK and its “coalition allies” in both Gulf Wars, so when there, Assad senior was hugging Cheney and Bush’s cronies.

Assad represents the Syrian Baathist Party – the same affiliation as Saddam Hussein’s government.

Jordan has only recently made a few token measures to appear democratic with an elected assembly but is very much a monarch-led autocracy, lest anyone forget, brushed aside because of its historic political ties to the UK, and its current King Abdullah was both Eton/Sandhurst educated and is half-English by blood.

Just to say it seems most people have either forgotten and the history books rewritten since originally Jordan’s official title was: “the Hashemite Kingdom of the Transjordan and Palestine”, as evidenced by the 1948-discovered “Dead Sea Scrolls” copper plates on exhibit in the Jordanian capital Amman’s national museum in downtown Amman (known as Medina) on its most prominent hill, “the Citadel”.

I was living in Amman where I walk past the 3rd century “Marcus Aurelius” Roman amphitheatre each day which on one occasion a tourist getting off an air-conditioned coach who happened to have been English was shot dead at, with several other “attacks” in the international hotel/Embassy area, where I frequented the “Orthodox Club” nightspot, restaurant and bar, nextdoor to the (British) Embassy Club, also a bar favoured by ex-pats, so got to know quite a few Brits whilst over there.

Lastly, I can’t leave the subject of my time in Jordan without mentioning a visit to Bethlehem at the time the so-called “Siege of the Church of the Nativity” was ongoing when I was rounded-up and arrested by the IDF who deported me back to Jordan, cancelling my Israeli visa by means of two thick red felt-tip lines that went through the following 2 pages or 5 sides of my then passport, needless to say hardly appeared good for me so long as I used that passport.

The Vice-Consul at the British Embassy just shrugged it off since every month Israel deported between 30 and 100 US and UK nationals whom it considered “sympathetic to the Palestinian cause” I discovered, and I never once met an “Israeli citizen” (Jewish) who had been born there, everyone I ever met admitting to being either Canadian, American or Russian born, etc – FACT !

I was never pro-Zionist but neither had I the opinions I now hold, namely that I’ve never encountered such arrogant and self-righteous so-and-sos before nor since 😉
But I’m clearly biased since I was arrested at machine-gun point and barked orders at, being made to sit in the baking heat and temperatures of over 110°F without any shade for over 5 hours !

Bizarrely, at Israeli checkpoints in the occupied West Bank, heavily militarised zones covered by CCTV, you might find it interesting to know about the countless assassinations of prominent Palestinian Christian priests and leading clerics which go unreported and strangely never get caught on camera in one of the most highly-surveilled places on the planet, with whoever responsible never being identified or caught.

This is the daily plight of the Palestinians, 20% of whom are Christian, (mentioned just to add perspective) and there’s an ongoing bombing campaign effecting ancient Christian sites such as the Church and Monastery of Saints Joachim and Anna (by tradition, the parents of the Virgin Mary) of which you’ll never hear reported in the mainstream.
You really need to be on the ground to witness how horrific the situation is, even at UNESCO world heritage sites which are regularly fire-bombed by radical zionists, another aspect that’s covered up with the Israeli state duping Christian pilgrims into thinking it respects their holy sites whilst the truth is they control the little under their political authority – both de jure and de facto – whilst the majority lie in the Palestinian West Bank and in Jordan, with Jerusalem itself declared an international zone under neither Jordanian nor Israeli governance in 1947 by the UN, its west invaded and occupied since 1948 and its east and the West Bank since 1967.

People mention this as an idea and possible solution without realising it’s already the case, with Israel in contravention of more UN Resolutions than any other country on earth.

Question everything!

Best Wishes
Howard Downes (PhD)

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