There Was No Planning – Cammo & OZborne – Part ii

Randolph Eaton-Howe
he had to go his reputation was in tatters and how could he lead the country into something he didn’t believe in? Fortunately for us the remainers were a pretty disliked group, without even considering the government you had people like Branson, Blair, Izzard, Brand, Geldof, Lineker, Church, Cumberbatch, Thompson, Allen and don’t forget the BBC all telling us what a disaster it would be to leave. Those celebs are pretty much despised by your average UK citizen, and I believe remain could have won if they had kept their mouths shut. I will now be very surprised if the people are ever given a referendum on anything else again unless those at the top can guarantee the result is going 100% the way they want. I think we can also now kiss goodbye to ever getting a proper referendum on proportional representation, the main players would have too much to lose.

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