‘There was no planning!’ Cameron and Osborne SAVAGED by MPs over poor referendum campaign


& This is BEFORE Dave went on his expensive EUSSR wine and food weight gaining marathon!

Phil Clarke
Of course there was no planning in the event of a leave vote. Cameron thought he had it all sorted to win, that’s why he and his chums were celebrating and opening the champagne in the afternoon long before the polling stations had closed.
I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that there had been ‘planned adjustment’ for the result, but unfortunately for Cameron they misjudged the amount of leave voters.
That makes me wonder if the total votes for leave was actually higher than what we were told, and it also might explain why Cameron did a quick exit from Downing Street – before someone started asking awkward questions…….

And Cameron’s unwise decision to remove Libya’s Gaddafi from power, despite his top military brass warning against it, was also carried out without any planning for a post-Gaddafi Libya. All the lessons learned from removing Saddam Hussein in Iraq were ignored. And now we have Boris Johnson wanting to remove Assad from power – the one Middle East leader who has a secular government and protects Christians and other minorities and does not allow sharia law or make the wearing of headscarves obligatory.

Frank Marker
They failed to win the referendum because they had no positive case to put for remaining.
As there was no positive case, they were forced to rely on fear.

There is no trust in politicians until they show willingness to look after Britain and its people . So don’t blame two of you. You are All to blame with your corruption and self seeking ways . We see you now wasting money on foreign aid & mass immigration we know it’s only serving the businesses and wealthy….. And we are SICK OF IT!

Frank Marker
‘Branson, Blair, Izzard, Brand, Geldof, Lineker, Church, Cumberbatch, Thompson, Clegg, Farron’
Never, never, never, in the great history of the UK has so much been owed by so many, to so few.

God bless each and every one of those arrogant self-righteous gets.

Frank Marker
Did the ‘foreign hackers’ also cause the voter registration system closure data to be extended by 48 hours after causing the system to crash for just TWO hours?

Our village idiots and yet Assborn still gets 6 jobs worth millions!

Now what thread should I use to weave that 9.3 Mill Remain Booklet then?

Their biggest mistake?  Pushing remain too hard and Boy George’s doom and gloom was about as convincing as if he told us all there was fairies at the bottom of No 10’s garden.

And what finished the pair of them off was wasting £9.3 Million on some stupid remain booklet which again, was about as convincing as Gideon’s fairies!

Did you mail each page in separate envelope back to Tori Headquarters with the FREEPORT Registration No?  Cost ’em a bomb.

Nemo say Let the Battle commence
Camerons only problem was he thought with all the massive backing from all corners he had a ‘Slam Dunk’ cert remain to win, hence when he went on his expensive wine and food weight gaining marathon on his phoney jolly around Europe just before the UK referendum he told what he thought was his future employers the German controlled EU+eu army just to relax eat drink and be merry and just go through the motions to fool the British public.

GW:  Cammo & Osborne what a Kupla Bullingdon Boofheads!

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