Teacher With Bogus Qualifications Sacked From Private School


The real scandal, is how many GPs and Hospital Consultants are employed by our NHS who are using completely bogus qualifications that are not worth the paper they are written on. The NHS is chock-a-block full of African and Pakistani doctors who are complete fakes, plenty of other nationalities involved too, total farce, yet ignored by government and the NHS who obviously employ these scoundrels willy nilly without any proper checks being undertaken.

senile old lady
IT happens in all jobs, I used to work for a well-known china company and worked their for over 5 years when a manager’s job came up and I applied for it, I was already a relief manager, I had been on courses to learn my trade, so really thought i would get the Job, NO I was offered senior sales and the job went to someone else, this person I found out had NO experience in the China trade at all, so it happens

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