Homeless killer stalks hotel maid returning from work via motorway bridge before killing her in violent sex attack

”Vadims Ruskuls killed Pardeep Kaur, 30, in a violent sex attack as she walked to work in Hayes, west London, and was snared after an officer was ‘unnerved’ by his “piercing stare”

Vadims Ruskuls, 25, was found guilty at the Old Bailey of murdering hotel housekeeper Pardeep Kaur as she walked to work in October last year, and now faces life behind bars.

The victim’s badly decomposed body was discovered almost a week later by a visiting Norwegian Detective Chief Inspector Kenneth Berg when he spotted a human foot.

Ruskuls was snared after a police officer was ‘unnerved’ by his “piercing stare” and later recognised his hunched shoulders on the haunting CCTV footage.

The Latvian was thought to be sleeping rough with his mother beneath the bridge crossing the M4 when he pounced on Mrs Kaur.”

”PC Lewis of the Metropolitan Police said the suspect’s long eye contact was unsettling and that when he saw CCTV footage of the attack, he suspected it was Ruskuls from his characteristics.

PC Lewis was ‘unnerved’ by the killer’s “piercing stare” – Well done The Met on this occasion.

Following his arrest for the murder of Mrs Kaur, Ruskuls’ DNA was compared with samples taken from her body.”


All this lack of communication between EU countries security services helped lead to Brexit. How hard can it be these days to put something onto a computer data base that is seen by the people who need to see it around the continent!!

So much for us being safer if we stay in the EU.

A majority of these type of crimes seem to involve east europeans.

GW:  Years of Communist Rule hasn’t helped these people with regards to how to operate in a civilised society – one w0nders just what benefits Communism brought to the proletariat really.  If you take a look at the opulence that the commissars enjoyed in Berlin for instance – makes your eyes water.  Their theatre had the most expensive stage in Europe; seats were/are Green Leather and gorgeous stained glass windows enclose the drinks area at the front.  The proles were kept well outside of it we were told until the fall of Berlin Wall.  Take a look.


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