‘You CAN deny the will of the people!’ Remainer FUMES at Brexit and Donald Trump voters

”Author Howard Jacobson has demanded another EU referendum as he savaged British and American voters claiming they have both made bad decisions.”

Jacobson: ”I wrote the book Pussy in the aftermath of Trump’s victory. ” 


typical communist and socialist voter – it’s all ok when we get our way but everyone needs correction when they vote out the reds’ ideas –
soon be gulags getting made to re-educate the non-brainwashed just like soviet russia did.

Actually if you know anything about the EU, you will know only Founding Members had a Veto vote, and members like the U.K who were not Founding Members had no voice and couldn’t stop anything from happening we didn’t like, this is why we are leaving because we were ignored for too long !

If we had an equal voice then, why did David Cameron not get the Reforms he wanted before Brexit, because we had no power unlike France and Germany who are Founding Members, they Vetoed us!

You need to educate yourself more about the EU young man and not toss out fake facts !

GW:  It’s one thing to be a celebrated author Mr Jacobson – it’s quite another thing to suggest that one can ignore the will of the British people!  Otherwise one might suggest that we are actually dealing with Communism or totalitarianism or even some dreadful Dictator like the one the British stood against in WWII Mr Jacobson???

Liberalism has swung very far in the direction of those who relish personal freedoms.  True we should have freedoms but we all have duties and responsibilities that come with those freedoms and if we are going to live as a civilised society we must ensure we adhere to them.  To this end, we must continue to respect one another.  The small courtesies must be maintained such as taking the arm of an elderly friend to ensure their safety across a road; teaching our children not to shout ”Stupid Grandma” at allotmenteers; giving way to other vehicles courteously on our roads when needs be; thanking the bus driver for the ride; etc

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