Jeremy Corbyn Addressed Federation Of Small Businesses Today

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”Today, Jeremy Corbyn was at an event organised by the Federation of Small Businesses. Corbyn was announcing Labour’s new policy on clamping down on Multi-Corporations who pay small businesses in their supply chain late. Many of these small businesses suffer a cash flow crisis that causes hidden hardship as they are not strong enough to take on the large firms and insist on faster payment. When the time came for journalists to ask their questions, the Westminster Bubble erupted into questions about Syria. The audience at the FSB event shouted down the journalists and insisted on the questions being related to late payments for small businesses. My friend Simon Baker made this graphic to show you what happened next. On the left, a journalist does his job and reports the event. He even reports that the audience wanted to hear questions on Small Businesses and late payment. On the right, from the sewers of our worst journalism, crawled the Westminster Bubble. They proceeded to mount an attack on Jeremy Corbyn for daring to put the audience first. I should say at the very end of the event, the journalists were given a chance to ask questions about Syria. This, however, did not stop them misrepresenting the real news.”

David Cain: Corbyn must indeed be causing discomfort among the 1%, to attract so many attempts to misrepresent him, override the message, portray him as useless. What he says, on small businesses, on education, on ending austerity.. makes sense, and that’s why they have to fabricate, because they have no answers.

Video showing Journalist shouted down by the audience at the event today.  Corbyn very reasonably told the Journalist that he wanted to take small business questions at the event and was happy to give a separate interview afterwards.  The journalist kept putting forward his Syria question.

plymouth1 Quicknstraight
and the other points about Google et al having special arrangements with hmrc3.47% corporation tax is all well and good for the few, but not when everyone else is getting austerity cuts

Banter76 – > TheWhatWhatofWhat
I am not Momentum, have no union membership, and am private sector, yet I support Corbyn because sometimes you have to do the right thing.

S Mason – > FourCough
Our large suppliers routinely breach their own 30 day terns with us and there’s f*** all we can do about it. And this is a common and resonant story (ask the CBI) with small co’s serving big co’s.

But don’t let facts get in the way of your anti-Labour prejudice.

A sensible proposal with obvious practical benefits, about an issue that is being put into the public arena by Labour.

I don’t think I’ve ever had cause to say this before: Well done, Jeremy Corbyn!

Typical reporting on a Corbyn related article – throwing the baby out with the bath water in order to score points against the only genuine alternative we have on offer.
He’s right – large corporates run roughshod over SME’s all day, every day – from pricing to banking and invoicing. Corbyn is offering to level the playing field, the befuddled on here see it as the height of lunacy.

As for the proposal to borrow to invest into the real economy – our national debt was around £900 billion in 2010 before the Tories landed. In 7 years they have managed to pump it up to £1.8 trillion – all under the banner of austerity.

They haven’t crashed the economy, they’ve kicked its head in, cheese wired it and buried it in an unmarked grave.
But yeah goons – Corbyn, eh. Look! A squirrel!

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