Boris Johnson should be making that Moscow trip. The British lapdog to the losers role isn’t exactly Brexit.

Tue 9:02 am UTC, 11 Apr 2017
posted by Tapestry
TAP – It’s good to see some posts from NPP and Gordon Logan. I found some wifi. Russia’s proposal has nothing to do with Syria. Before the post, why are we back inside the hangar, this time with an untouched plane inside it? The picture put out by Russia of some burned metal inside the hangar at Homs airfield didn’t look much like a plane. Is this now suggesting the plane wasn’t there, or that the Tomahawks failed to touch the plane? A Russian version of two fingers to you, US navy. If Russia has developed a laser weapon capable of disabling missiles and planes (The IDF – Israelis had a fighter shot down last week.) Syrian and Russian confidence would be running sky high. The tone of this article is totally dismissive of American thoughts and actions in the Middle East and elsewhere.


”Will US Missile Strike in Syria Nip in the Bud Potential Russo-American Détente?
The Russian Foreign Ministry made it clear that West Jerusalem will be recognized only as part of the two-state solution, with the Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem.

The significance of the move could hardly be overestimated: for decades Israel has insisted that Jerusalem is its capital, while its partners and allies continued to maintain their diplomatic missions in Tel Aviv.”

”For its part, the US, Israel’s longstanding ally, has long hesitated to recognize Jerusalem, partly or as a whole, as the country’s capital despite Israel’s repeated pleas.

“In an unexpected, unprecedented and curious move, Moscow on Thursday said it considers West Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital, making Russia the first country in the world to extend such a recognition to any part of the city,” Raphael Ahren, the diplomatic correspondent at The Times of Israel, wrote last Thursday.”

Ekaterina Blinova 040952

Thanks to Tap Newswire for the link.

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