Egyptian Roots of British Royalty and Roman Catholic Church

Simona Rich
Published on Apr 9, 2017
In this video I describe similarities between pharaohs of ancient Egypt and the British royalty as well as the Roman Catholic Church. Striking similarities between the religion, insignia and customs of these groups cannot be coincidental.

Joy Thompson
What do you think of the rh negative blood type theory’s? Is it from Jesus’s bloodline referred as pure blood? Alien blood or fallen angel blood?

Nice documentary. I’m skeptical of their being a lizard bloodline. In the bible, the word ‘serpent’ didn’t mean snake like it does today. It meant enchanter, which makes sense taking into regard the sorcery in certain secret societies. There are legends of snake people in old native and Hindu cultures, but they don’t indicate that the beings live in houses. The legends state that the beings live in secret or underground. Also, it wouldn’t make sense that they are literal reptilians or snake beings, because they’re supernatural unlike us mortals.

Michael Boris
For those interested in the leopard cloak, and or Nimrod, Bertrand L Comparet has some interesting points on the subject…

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