BoJo Johnson – Send in the Clowns – Glynis Johns

Boris Johnson warns Russia US ready to strike Syria again

Elephantears, yorkvik, Christmas Island
Boris, we know that your Turkish ancestry is close to the surface but you are supposed to be on our side. You should not be funding al qaeda, al nusra and the others who are trying to impose their califart on Syria and the rest of the world. Stop showing yourself up. We know you can’t help it and quite often you are funny. You are a bit like the king’s fool in medieval times. But it is time to start thinking. If your actions lead to a big war you can forget going back to westminster, it won’t exist. For that matter neither will London. It doesn’t take too many brain cells to work that one out. If you really want to stomp around the world like a Victorian empire builder you could at least build our armed forces up instead of running them into the ground.

Greener, Andover, United Kingdom
I rented a Borisbike once. The wheels fell off of that too.

Destructivedave, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Go and collect your empty cluster bomb shells from the yemen warmonger. Then have another dance with cameron in new york.

Boris Johnson denies ‘dad dancing’ with David Cameron hours after Londoners hold vigil for terror attack victims

kill bill 11, London, United Kingdom
Boris Johnson is actually very bright and he must know that the so called Assad chemical attack is nothing but propaganda. Rex Tillerson is also very intelligent and he will also know.  Who is c controlling these men?

Brigadier, Manchester., United Kingdom
Tillerson is controlled by Exon, an oil company ready to make trillions out of Syrian and Iranian oil once American puppet Governments have been set up.

djb, London
OMG! BoreUs couldn’t warn a child not to cross the road. Please someone shut this buffoon up!

Maria F, London, United Kingdom
This guy needs to hang out with Trump and discuss hair styling products.

Mikedeanisapillock, Gloucester, United Kingdom
Has he got his finger in a live socket?

Cold Pop, Newcastle, United Kingdom
As if Russia would pay attention to us. Our political arrogance is astounding. We are america’s ventriloquist puppet. The best thing for the UK to do is keep quiet and let the grown ups speak. Then, when it’s over, we may find an ally in the rubble.

cunningplan, South, United Kingdom
Lavrov would have made mince meat of Boris.

lodge60, abergavenny
In the real world, without Russia, ISIS would be now running Syria. In the real world there is not a shred of evidence that Syria dropped chemical weapons. In the real world, Johnson is recognised for the clown he is.

Acabcsc, Shangrila, United Kingdom
Why didn’t he go and tell him to his face. This country talking about sanctions against Russia. Yet encouraging the Russian’s to spend all their dodgy cash in London.

Send in the Clowns – Glynis Johns

You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow

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