Mark Carney admits Brexit could lead to MORE jobs and higher growth for Britain

More bad news for the REMOANers. Still, no doubt they will make up some more lies and predictions of doom and gloom to try to counter it.

Personally I don’t really care which nationality the governor is, it’s just that Carney has proven he is completely out of his depth and useless in this job. He also became involved in the politics and that alone makes him unsuitable for any such position.

So, self styled Superwoman is bidding for more publicity for herself and her fat cat, elite? backers, Robinson Crusoe Branson, et al.
Is there no Kryptonite anywhere that we can use to rid ourselves of this interfering, antagonising and frustrating sore from Guyana.

Mr Carney described Brexit negotiations as a “litmus test” for responsible “financial globalisation.”

Globalisation, that’s exactly what we voted Leave to avoid. Global government, with the likes of Soros and the Rockefellers running the show from their Ivory towers.
Trust Canadian Remoaner Carney to push for that. Sack the Barsteward, he clearly has no intention of backing the UK over the EUssr.

Elle Dee
By jove, he’s got it!. A little late, but never mind. He’s finally woken up to the fact that as a nation, it’s in our genes to strive to be leaders, not followers.

Norman Castle
When the UK leaves the EU BETA, the British – European Trading Alliance will be open to all self governing independent European countries that have their own national currencies and no financial obligations to the EU or the ECB.

Someone please tell Mr. Bilderberger Carney we are fed up with his robbing us with totally unacceptably low interest rates. maybe he wants us all to move our savings accounts to Canada where 2.5 % seems to be about the average.

It would very much be in our interests to make ourselves a bit more self sufficient.

This would increase jobs and business and be of great benefit to the entire country.

Its hard to believe that in this day and age, we are not self sufficient. This needs to change.

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