Cadburys move production back from Poland

”The world famous British brand’s owner, Mondolez, has invested £75million in its historic factory in Bournville to ensure their signature chocolate bars will be made in the West Midlands village.

The decision to invest in the chocolate’s spiritual home could help to dissuade fears of businesses pulling out of Britain as the nation navigates Brexit.

Cadbury was sold to US food juggernaught Kraft for £11.5billion in 2010 before being passed on to spin off company Mondelez.”

This is purely because they were losing money. Many people, like myself, just simply stopped buying any and all of their products. Will they now also re-instate the orginal recipes instead of all that tasteless, cheaper, muck , inferior substitute rubbish they currently use?

Their profits took a dive which is the only reason they returned. In addition they have ruined the product by changing the recipes. Greed has ruined a good company.

As an ex Cadbury worker may I just state that Bournville is actually in Birmingham, what is it with you journos that you cant mention the name BIRMINGHAM if its football its never the Birmingham teams of Aston Villa or Birmingham city, its always the west midland team(s) ffs lose the hate and use the name of the City ie BIRMINGHAM thanks

Flora Cobb
Since we entered the EEC in 1973, more than half of ALL British companies (not just confectioners!), both publicly owned and privately owned, have been sold to foreign companies.
That is a trend that we should stop in its tracks. Properly controlled foreign investment can be a good thing for any country but total surrender is ruinous.

Flora Cobb
The hostile take over could not be stopped as the UK government was prevented from intervening by EU ‘rules’. The Cadbury family did not want to sell either the company or the original recipes but were forced to. Outrageous.
As you say, Kraft lied about keeping all production in this country and took EU bribes to move production to Eastern Europe. Even more reason to boycott their products – as well as the fact that their products now all taste like sweet vomit.

GW:  My goodness – consumer action DOES work on these ******* after all!  However Cadbury we here at GovWatch will not be returning.

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